Oh hooray! You can wipe your fancy bottom with unicorn toilet paper now

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When it comes to OTT toilet paper options, the list is regrettably small and has frankly been sadly lacking in unicorns … until now!

Hey, fancy butt!

Everybody, unicorn toilet paper is here and at least ONE thing is going right in the Trump-era world.

If you fancy yourself worthy of something other than the scratchy not-nicely-coloured rolls you find at the supermarket. If you yearn for pastel and magical hues when it’s time to visit the bathroom. If you’ve been wishing and hoping for a mythical creature to wipe your bottom with, then this is a very, very good day for you!

Unicorn toilet paper

Rainbows and unicorns

GetDigital are the clever folk behind this surprising product, which they’re very proud to say features 200 sheets per roll. #FancyThat

The rolls are actually super-fancy, emblazoned with bajillions of unicorns leaping over a never-ending rainbow. Quite lovely twinkling sparkles feature strongly too and we’re getting the kind of My Little Pony vibes we didn’t know we needed.

Unicorn toilet paper

Each roll of this ultra-cute loo paper retails for a tick over $6 AUD, which makes it the perfect special occasion paper and we didn’t know there was such a thing.

You can snap up your very own unicorn toilet paper at getDigital and guarantee yourself a much more magical trip to the loo.

You’re welcome.

Unicorn toilet paper


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