9 drool-worthy toy rooms from Instagram that will make you want to move house

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Having a bad day?

Which scenario best describes your current situation?

  1. Kids getting out of control?
  2. You haven’t had a minute to yourself?
  3. Is the house a complete mess?
  4. Are there toys EVERYWHERE?

We have something to help you deal with all those things. Drumroll please: here are the nine tidiest toy rooms we found on Instagram. 

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For your viewing pleasure

And no, we don’t expect you to replicate them. Just do as the rest of us do, sit back, scroll and dream of a day when your own children’s playroom could ever be as streamlined and tidy as one of these.

Before bedtime, of course.

And if you’re among the very special species of parent who happens to exist in a world where you have a tidy toy room – please share your secrets with us!

  1. A kitchen you probably never have to tell your kids to “pack away”. I mean,  LOOK at that tidy oven and fridge. All the clutter and toy foods are probably tucked away neatly into the cupboards. Love. 

2. We happen to know that Courtney Adamo has six children – yet – hello, pristine toy room. How about those sweet little chairs and desk? Bet the pencils are all lined up properly too. 

3. A full-to-the-brim bookcase that’s probably not from IKEA, and not a single, tiny bit of clutter in sight! (Probably dusted within an inch of its life, too). 

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{Tidy Kids ~ two weeks to go} Good evening everyone, I hope you’ve had a beautiful start to your new week. _ . . There’s two weeks to go until January’s KonMari Kids Tidying Challenge from @spark_joy_london! I’m putting the final touches on what I hope will be a worthwhile and exciting challenge for you and your mini people! If you have any questions or suggestions for what you’d like featured in the challenge, please feel free to share. I’m extremely grateful for all of your comments; they help me tailor the tasks to suit your needs. _ . . New year, new goals! Are you taking part this January? Comment with a??‍♀️if it’s a ‘yes’ and if you know anyone who may benefit from the challenge, be sure to tag them in your comment on this post. Let’s spread the joy in 2019! _ . . . . ?: @bonjourfete #konmarikids #konmariwithkids #konmarichallenge #instagramchallenge #sparkjoy #sparkjoylondon #surreymum #surreymummy #konmariconsultants #konmariconsultant #mariekondo #konmarilife #organisedkids #teachingkids #teachingchildren #teacher #tidykids #tidyuptime #professionalorganiser #professionalorganizer #organisedhome #organizedhome #organiser #organizer #getorganized #getorganised #playroom #kidsplayroom #playroomgoals #mykonmari

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3. As the mother of two boys, I marvel at the light and airy feel of this room. And the pastels! Sigh. 

4. Giving new meaning to “tucking the toys away under the stairs”. How genius is this! Just stuff it all under the main part of the house – kids included – and then shut the door! 

5. Okay, so I need to be completely convinced that children actually live in this space. Because: wow, this is tidy! 

6. Click on the arrow on the right-hand side of this photo to see just how many toys were packed neatly into this tidy room. Amazing! 

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{komono ~ toys} Good evening everyone, I hope you’re having a wonderful week. _ . . Tonight I’m sharing one of my favourite KonMari transformations. I worked with a client who was literally drowning in toys (swipe ➡️ to view before photo). She was even more shocked when we brought every single toy to one central location! There is a reason why we call it ‘the power of the pile’! _ . . Raise your hand if you’re drowning in toys ??‍♀️~ I can help! ? Share your questions / comments below ⤵️ _ . . . . #sparkjoylondon #sparkjoysurrey #sparkjoy #mariekondo #mariekondomethod #konmari #konmarimethod #lifechangingmagicoftidyingup #tokimeki #januarychallenge #tidylife #tidyingup #tidyup #professionalorganiser #professionalorganizer #organizedhome #organisedhome #organizedkids #konmariconsultants #organisingtips #organizingideas #organizedmom #instagramchallenges #mumpreneur #mumsinbusiness #clutterfree #educatingchildren #teachingkids #organisingkids #konmarikids

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7.  Can you see that gorgeous campfire? OMG! This room is too cute for words. And of course – tidy – SO TIDY. 

8. The faux-grass playmat just seals the deal on this room, don’t you think? Also, love the reminder on the wall: Live Simply! Indeed. 

9. A loft! With toys! And a tepee! And some cool wallpaper on the ceiling. Sign us up for one of these, please! (for the kids, of course!)


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