9 beds so amazing your kids will be begging you to go sleep early

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Struggling to get your kids to go to bed? Your little ones will be practically begging you to go to bed with one of these. 

To help you get you started, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite kids’ beds that are sure to impress kids and parents – because, you know, it’s your house and all.

1. The ‘Camping Inside’ Bed

The tee-pee bed brings the excitement of the great outdoors to bedtime, and we reckon it’ll have kids wanting to tell campfire stories and stargaze out the window. Pretty idyllic, really!

Source: Mathy Bybols

2. The Hanging Bed

What happens when you cross a swing with a bed? You get the magical concept of the hanging bed! You don’t want it too swingy (for obvious OH&S reasons), but the suspended look is undeniably elegant and guaranteed to wow little dreamers.

Source: Pinterest

3. The Slippery Dip Bunk

The worst part of a bunk bed is getting out of it … UNLESS you have a slippery dip! This concept gets a big tick of approval in our books.

Source: Pinterest

4. The Treehouse Bed

Space efficient and adorable – a treehouse bed is like a hovering bunk bed that will be converted into your kid’s own personal clubhouse in no time. Another benefit is that there’s no exposed sides, meaning there’s pretty much a zero percent chance of your kid falling out of bed mid-slumber.

Source: Pinterest

5. The Whimsical Frame Bed

This is the stRipped-back and understated little sister of the tee-pee bed, but every bit as magical. The exposed frame is a perfect blank canvas for draping fabrics, fairy lights, vines etc etc. It can be adapted to suit any child’s preferred ‘aesthetic’.

Source: Pinterest

6. The Rattan-Chic Bed

Look, the kids will probably be less excited about these ones, but how adorable are these Rattan daybeds?! They’ll add instant rustic charm to any room, and immediately make you feel like all the Byron-dwelling barefoot mamas you see on Instagram.

7. The Intergalactic Bed

Got a Star Wars fanatic in the family? This bed will blow their mind to infinity and beyond … while the steep $5,459 price point will do the same to your wallet. Does anyone else feel a DIY project coming on?

Source: Pottery Barn Kids

8. The Luxe Helicopter Bed

If your kid has high hopes of owning a superyacht, mansion and private jet – you can start fulfilling their aspirations early with this fancy AF helicopter bed. The price tag on this bespoke bad boy is unknown, and probably best it stays that way … as our guess is that it’s comfortably upwards of $10k!

Source: Dragons of Walton Street

9. The Barbie Dream Camper Bed

What ’90s kid didn’t covet a Barbie Dream Camper? Now you can pass on this joy to your kids through this pink-perfection bed, either by booking into the Barbie Room at Hilton Santa Fe, or by recreating this bed in your own home.

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