Hey ladies! 7 boobtastic products for breastfeeding mums

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Breastfeeding can be a steep learning curve for new – and even experienced – mums, so why not surround yourself with a helpful cheer squad of products and remind yourself of all the good things amazing boobs can do!

Of course, these excellent home and fashion picks are not just for breastfeeding mums. Anyone who has boobs or is a fan of boobs is highly likely to fancy their funny irreverence too!

6 fun boob-related facts

  1. Breasts can increase in weight by up to one kilo EACH in preparation for breastfeeding.
  2. Big breasts don’t produce more milk than small breasts – milk production depends on other things, including the amount of milk-producing tissue within a woman’s breast.
  3. Boobs can travel between 3 and 8 inches when a woman runs, which is why it’s very important to support your girls.
  4. There is usually a 15 to 20 percent difference in size, between each breast.
  5. More than 4 million bras are made each day. And they are probably all way less comfy than they should be.
  6. 100 percent of fed-up women fling their bra across the room when they arrive home. Some even do it in the car on the way home, apparently.

Boobtastic products for breastfeeding (and/or boob celebrating) mums

Boob planters

1. Boob planters from Things By Bea – $43

Boob pillow cover

2. Boob pillow cover by The Bed Head Society – $18 

Boob crewneck shirt

3. Boob crewneck sweat by Rachel Ruiz – $31

Boob makeup bag

4. Boob print makeup bag by Jodie Does Art – $19

Boob earrings

5. Boob earrings by Lola Morella – $31

Boob mug

6. Boob mug by Little Boom Box – $20

Boob ring dish

7. Boob ring dishes by Things By Bea – $20

Now you just have to decide which boobs are the right ones for you! (We’re quite partial to the planters and the subtle but booby earrings!)


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