15 clever ways to upcycle your empty baby food jars

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Got a heap of empty baby food jars and not sure what to do with them? We’ve uncovered 15 insanely simple ways to reuse these mini pots of cuteness and transform them into organisation and decoration gold.

You don’t have to stick to baby food jars. Any jars, from strawberry jam to spaghetti sauce can be rinsed, reused and recycled into something extra clever for around the house.

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An easy way to brighten up a room is to transform your leftover baby jars into candles. There are heaps of different ways you can do this but we love the simplicity and elegant design created by One She Two She.

food jars4

Keep your spice rack organised and easily find the right spices by swapping to baby jars.

baby jars 10

You can also brighten up your bathroom with homemade soap scrub placed in baby jars. These make adorable gifts for friends and family members or as baby shower favours.

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Good Housekeeping is always a winner when it comes to finding unique DIY projects and their hanging basket baby jars certainly fit the bill. All you need is some string, ribbon and flowers in a colour of your choice and you’re done.

baby jars 17

Another cute idea is to create your own Anthropologie-inspired chalk spice jars, perfect for storing just about anything or just displaying around the house.

baby jars7

What about for the kiddies? You can keep their craft section organised by transforming baby jars into mini crayon, pencil and other utensil holders.

food jars8

They also make great holders for paint, chalk, Lego, puzzle pieces, Barbie shoes and pretty much anything else that you have stepped on in your children’s play room.

food jars2

If your kids like collecting creepy crawlies, spend an afternoon making these adorable bug collectors. Then test them out around the garden.

food jars9

For the fairy lovers in the house, why not create your very own fairy garden?

baby jars6

Or keep track of all those hair elastics that float around the house and seem to disappear as soon as it’s time to get ready for the day.
baby jars8

Our favourite way to reuse baby jars is at parties! They make excellent party favours to hold delicious treats and can be customised to suit pretty much as party theme. Simply choose paint, embellishment and lollies that match the colours of your party.

baby jars9

But they can also be a great alternative to a lolly bag.

baby jars 16

We especially love these Lego head party favours, perfect if you are throwing a Lego themed party or just for the kids to play with and store their Lego pieces.

baby jars 14

Or, for your little minions, these Minion-themed baby jars may be better suited.

baby jars 13

Add coloured rice to a few jars, glue the lids shut and create your own baby shakers, perfect for little ones.

These are only some of the countless ways you can use baby food jars. You can store nails, nuts, bolts, buttons, lollies, cotton buds, spare keys and pretty much anything else you have laying around the house in this little jars.

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