Wiggles newlyweds Emma and Lachy set national record with album releases

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First they were two fresh faces for The Wiggles, then they became man and wife and now Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie are making national history.

The newlyweds are set to become the first Australian married couple to release an album each on the same day.

The only other couple in recorded history to release an album in Australia on the same day has been John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1970, a fact not lost on Yellow Wiggle, Emma.

“Lachy and I are thrilled to be releasing a solo album each on the same day,” Emma tells Babyology.

“To think we are the first since John and Yoko makes it even more fun.”

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Since marrying in April, any honeymoon plans were put on hold for six months while the couple enjoyed non-stop touring, filming and recording instead.

The lovebirds are currently touring Canada and the US, but will each release an album this week here catering for their preschool fans.


On the album Dial E for Emma!, Emma shares her love for dancing, singing, sign language and dress ups.

She credits husband Lachy with helping her prepare for the album.

“Although I’ve always loved singing, when I began with The Wiggles back in 2012, I’d had more experience as a dancer,” she says.

“It was Lachy, who’s an incredible professionally trained singer, who really taught me how to use my voice. He was so sweet and supportive right from the very beginning and that gave me so much confidence in my singing.”


Purple Wiggle, Lachy recently followed Emma with his own Wiggles spin-off show, Lachy! on the ABC and will now release an album with the same title.

He says the dual album release adds another special element to an exciting year for the couple.

“Emma and I love working together with The Wiggles, and these albums have given us a chance to work separately, together!” Lachy tells Babyology.

“It was such an exciting time creating the Lachy! TV show. I hope the children have fun singing and dancing along with this selection of some of my favourite songs.”

Both albums will be released on Friday, October 7.

The pair aren’t the only Wiggle love story to capture our attention, Red Wiggle Simon is set to marry Wiggles’ back-up dancer Lauren Hannaford.


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