Wackadoo! Now you can dance with Bluey in your own living room! 

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Cheese and crackers Bluey lovers, you’re gonna love this, for real life! The Bluey and ABC TV teams have released a brand new augmented reality Facebook filter that brings Bluey right into your home.  

Dance and win with Bluey!

The BlueyDance Mode’ filter is attached to your Facebook app and pops an animation of a dancing Bluey right onto your device’s screen, enabling your little ones to dance alongside their favourite Blue Heeler anywhere, anytime. 

Kids can even go in the running to win a plush Bingo or Bluey toy by uploading their videos to the Bluey site, and may also feature in a video mashup which the Bluey team will create with some of the best entries to their competition.

Where’s Bingo?

It turns out, it’s not just little Bluey fans who are keen to have a boogie with Australia’s fave Blue Heeler family. According to comments on the Bluey Facebook page, both kids and parents alike would love to dance with Bingo too!

“Kids were asking where is Bingo, mum and dad? 😅” queried one mum. 

Another vertically-challenged grown up said, “My little legs would want Bingo. 🙈🤣”

And their wish may be granted sooner than they think with the ABC Kids Community Facebook page responding with an encouraging, “We’ll work on a Bingo one for the future.”


Bluey Dance Mode Facebook filter

How to get your kids dancing with Bluey

To activate Bluey Dance Mode in the Facebook app on your device, head to this link, but be aware that it only works on handheld devices such as phones or tablets – Bluey Dance Mode will not work on a desktop computer.

It can be a little tricky to get Bluey dancing, too, according to some users, so the Bluey team have shared some helpful troubleshooting tips for those who need a helping hand.

Some points to note when using the filter are:

  • To get Bluey moving and dancing, try tapping on her.
  • You’ll need location services switched on.
  • The music is designed to stop whilst recording your video, so don’t be surprised when it goes silent! This is so that submitted videos can be used in the video montage.

We can’t wait to give this a go! Have fun dancing with Bluey!


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