The best NEW shows to stream on TV this weekend (for parents AND kids!)

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If you’re the sort of person who spends way too long scrolling through the menu of your streaming service, wondering which program you should commit your precious down time to, then lean a little closer to the screen.

We’ve watched ahead, on your behalf, and narrowed things down to a few gems you and your gang will LOVE. Add these to your watchlist for the weekend …


Who can watch? Parents only, please
Which platform? Netflix

Netflix have just served up a brand new series featuring Dexter favourite Michael C Hall. It’s called Safe and the ten-part show is being loaded to the platform old-school style, in weekly episodes, possibly to slow the binge-watching roll.

Michael C Hall – who is also executive producer on this so-far excellent British series – plays a widowed father raising two girls in an upper middle-class gated community. It’s dark and thrilling and potentially addictive. Everything we love about uncomfortable English dramas, really. Get started with Episode 1 this weekend. New eps are up each Thursday.

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The Big Sick

Who can watch? Parents only, please!
Which platform? Stan

Argh. This is such a great movie. It tells the based-on-real-life story of Pakistan-born comedian Kumail and grad student Emily, how they met and fell in love, juggled cultural differences and what happens next. Hint: Someone gets sick.

It sounds mooshy, but it’s brilliantly done, sweet AND funny. You gotta watch. It’s an Amazon Original that Stan has picked up.

Chef’s Table – we especially loved Season 4, Episode 1

Who can watch? The whole family, (but watch out for Momofuku’s David Chang and his swearing, cover little ears when his face pops up!)
Which platform? Netflix

In the debut Season 4 episode, the excellent Chef’s Table explores humble-yet-brilliant New York chef Christina Tosi’s rise to fame.

Not to give away too much, but Christina’s unique blend of thoughtful nostalgia and brilliant artistry is a must-watch for anyone who has a sweet tooth and/or loves “dreams come true” type stories. Guaranteed to spark baking frenzies or visits to the local cake shop.


Who can watch? Parents only, please
Which platform? Stan

Vida‘s just premiered on Stan and new episodes are loaded every Sunday. The series focuses on two Mexican-American sisters, who return to their old neighbourhood – and are met with some big surprises – when their mother dies. For one, their mum was secretly married. To a woman.

It’s a less anglo version of Modern Family, but with better food and more unwelcome gentrification.

A Little Help with Carol Burnett

Who can watch? The whole family!
Which platform? Netflix

What a cute concept. Veteran comedian Carole Burnett invites famous guests to be part of her new show. They share their modern day dilemmas and a cast of sweet, thoughtful and precocious children offer their solutions.

It’s as adorable as it sounds and you can watch with your kids and discuss your own problem-solving ideas as the show plays out.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Who can watch? The whole family!
With platform? Netflix

The classic animation made famous by Miss Frizzle and her curious class is back, for a whole new generation! Granted the OG Miss Frizzle is not driving the bus anymore, but she’s handed the keys to her highly qualified and extra smart little sister, Fiona and it’s still fun and info-packed.

There are 13 half-hour episodes up right now.

Happy watching, TV fans! We’ll be back very soon with more great recommendations, so be sure to bookmark our site.


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