One of the Backstreet Boys has released a kids’ album

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Backstreet’s back, alright!

Thought your days of listening to the Backstreet Boys for hours on end died in the ’90s? Think again … except this time around, it’ll be your kids responsible for hitting the repeat button.

Yep, that’s right. ’90s heartthrob turned kid-friendly crooner, Howie D has recorded his first family album Which One Am I? and it’ll be released to the world on July 12.

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Have a listen!

While the Backstreet Boys still tour the world with a live show that looks like it’s straight from the early noughties, a lot has changed in the life of Howie D. The now 45-year-old singer has been married for 12 years to Leigh Anne Dorough, and together they have two young boys, James and Holden.

This recent project is proof of his strong family values and connection – and we’re so excited to give the whole thing a listen when it’s released in two week’s time!

For now, you can satisfy your curiosity with the few teasers and tracks Howie has already released in the US. From what we’ve heard, his first family album mixes inspirational pop ballads like ‘The Me I’m Meant To Be’:

With sillier tracks to get the family moving like ‘No Hablo Español’:

Ultimately, we’re just glad to see he can still rock an all-white boy-band-esque look while busting out dramatic hand movements in front of a good backlight. Some things never change!

An album for his kids

“I wanted to make an album that James, Holden and I could all rock out to together,” Howie shared on Instagram. “Believe me, they’ve been rocking out.”

Fun fact, his eldest son James even stars in the ‘No Hablo Español’ video clip – and his mum makes a cameo appearance! Talk about a fun family day out!

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