MAFS Jules and Cam share their very exciting real life baby plans

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The most delightful and wholesome Married At First Sight couple – Cam and Jules – reveal what’s next for them. 

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A wedding do-over!

During their final vows episode of Married At First Sight, a tearful Cam got down on one knee in the rain and proposed to his shivering and deliriously happy ‘wife’ Jules. 

The pair have been reliably sensible, sweet, respectful and loved-up during their time on the show, so this moment surprised nobody.

Fans flocked to Facebook to celebrate the pair’s engagement, happy-cry together, heap praise on their behaviour … and beg for their actual wedding to be televised!

“I love Jules, she’s so effortlessly elegant and has a lady-like quality about her that you don’t find very often these days,” one wrote. “Cam is such a gentle soul, I really hope they work out for the long term.”

“I was almost expecting butterflies, bluebirds and rabbits to come out and start singing in that magical garden scene,” another person commented.

“Made me tear up,” a Cam and Jules fan posted. “Tis is what the show should be about, real people finding love .. so happy for them.”

“I vote for this wedding to be televised by Channel 9!” someone demanded and we GET IT!

Now the popular couple have chatted to MAFS broadcaster the Nine Network about what plenty of fans have been wondering … What’s next and when for Jules and Cam?

We’re going to get married this year,” Jules told the network, but said they’re focusing on celebrating their engagement first.

“We’re more planning our engagement party at the moment,” Jules explained. “We’ll get married after a year, then have a baby in another year. The sooner the better for me.” 

Tick tock?

Jules has made no secret of the fact that she felt her biological clock is ticking and that babies are a priority. It seems that Cam feels just the same. When asked how many children he wanted he had high hopes.

“Seven,” he told Nine. “I’m an only child so I would love more than one.”

Jules was a little less stoked by the prospect of seven, but was keen to ensure they had more than one too.

“I want two, a boy and a girl,” she explained. “I would love to have twins and get it over and done in one go. When I look at the numbers with my age I need to get going. So just get it done. Give me twins!”

The likelihood of twins does increase with maternal age, so Jules might get exactly what she wishes for!–/ 

Is this forever for Cam and Jules?

Cam makes the ultimate move. ?? #MAFS

Posted by Married At First Sight Australia on Sunday, 31 March 2019


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