Kate Spade and Fossil just made the prettiest smartwatch EVER!

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If Apple thought they had the smartwatch game sewn up, they were sadly mistaken, because Kate Spade’s in the house – and she’s brought a bunch of pretty balloons and scalloped edges with her! Sign us up!

Dream team

The much-loved fashion darling has teamed up with accessories giant Fossil to launch this smart watch collaboration and we’ve got to say we are 1000 per cent here for it. These watches take Kate’s usual familiar humour and femininity, and team it with the expert design and precision of Fossil, with very covetable results.

Kate Spade smartwatch

Available in “Hooray!”, “Cheers!” or a gorgeous metallic balloon-themed styles, the watch comes with a variety of bands and face options making it extra hard to choose a favourite.

“Swipe through several adorable novelty and classic dials to fit your look, while staying in the loop on your notifications, social media, and weather updates with clever animations,” Kate Spade’s reps say and gosh we really want to do that.

Notifications come in the form of an eyelash blinking and the watches are packed with cute animations to make getting stuff done way more fun. Adorable!!

Kate Spade smartwatch Kate Spade smartwatchKate Spade smartwatch

On-the-go gorgeous

Kate’s new smartwatch collection ranges from $225 to $325 US, and run on wifi or bluetooth connectivity. The battery life is around 24 hours and a microphone allows the wearer to use Google Assistant on the go. They have a basic activity tracker and calorie counter on board, too.

While these watches don’t have a built in GPS or payments system, they do have access to the Google Play store so you can download the functionality you need there.

Kate Spade smartwatch

They also run an app called Choose Your Look, which helps you generate an outfit to wear and match the phone’s face to your look. Quirky, non?!

They’re available for preorder now and begin delivering in just over a week. You can view the collection here and try to narrow it down to a favourite! Good luck with that!


Kate Spade smartwatch Kate Spade smartwatch


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