Give birth to yourself with Fendi’s surprisingly fluffy fanny shawl

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Well, this is an unexpected treat from the good folk at Fendi – a shawl that looks suspiciously like a vulva when you throw it on. Hurrah!

You. Are. Welcome.

Yes, Fendi’s vulva-esque scarf is taking the internet by storm, as admirers notice that when worn ‘correctly’ it resembles a giant and very life-like lady’s hoo-ha. 

Not only does this shawl drape quite remarkably into a genital-like form, it allows the wearer’s head to emerge from within, a sort of roving example of an adult human being birthed!

It’s the gift we didn’t know we needed. Just perfect for anyone keen to drift through their day depicting their own entry into the world. 

The Touch of Fur shawl by Fendi is part of the label’s new range and retails for a tick over $1300. Twitter user Marshall5Sharon posted a screen grab of the shawl and the rest, as they say, is history. 

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Halloween sorted!

Twitter quickly reacted to the release of this garment with predictable hoots of delight (and actually quite a lot of smuttiness/vagina fear too).

“My husband just said ‘don’t let bald men wear it’ I can’t imagine why,” one woman posted.

“Wait, so when you wear this it’s like re enacting your own birth, but with glasses and a full head of hair? COUNT ME IN or out or whatever,” someone else quipped.

“That’s my Halloween costume sorted,” another wrote.

Others gleefully shared photos of other things that look like genitals but aren’t genitals and honestly it all got a bit NSFW. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!





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