Fan shares very convincing theory, proves Willy Wonka chose the wrong kid

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A Tumblr user has gone on record citing that Willy Wonka chose the wrong kid to head up his factory and I’ve got to say, she makes some excellent points.

Wonka chose the wrong kid

If you remember the famous story (and we’re talking the 1971 Wilder version here), five children received tickets to Wonka’s favourite chocolate factory, where they toured and tested his tasty products. But when he presented them with the gobstopper test, it was only little Charlie who passed.

Tumbler user Evayna has taken issue with this. According to her, Charlie was a ‘passive and naive’ boy, not fit for inheriting and running the factory. Violet Beauregarde, on the other hand, was a far more appropriate choice. Basically, “the one who loves candy gets in trouble for eating candy in a candy factory tour where everywhere you go you eat candy. This is ludicrous.” Evayna told Bored PandaShe offered ironclad reasons for her thinking, and she had readers nodding along in agreement – even those who were initially opposed to her view.

Evayna went on to point out that not only was Violet the most committed to candy, but she was the only child not to mess with Wonka’s stuff and put other people in danger. Augustus contaminated the river, Mike Teavee shrunk himself on purpose, Veruca disrupted the workplace and Charlie drank the Fizzy Lifting Soda after Wonka told him not to. 

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Evayna adds that women seem to be more in favour of her argument, with many of us having being dealt an unfair hand for not conforming to convention. “I’ve noticed women often respond a lot more positively than men do. I think we’ve all felt the unfair punishment for not being ‘ladylike’ and having our skills overlooked,” she told Bored Panda.

Read the full post below and tell us what you think. Are you convinced?



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