Everything you need to know about Disney’s new streaming service (so far)

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If you’re lamenting that disappearing Disney content on Netflix – and wondering when the media giant is going to hurry up and launch that streaming platform they’ve been promising, here’s a little update.


What is Disney+?

Disney revealed last year that they are taking control of their own destiny in the streaming environment and are preparing to launch Disney+ – their very own platform which will be home to all your – and your kiddo’s – Disney faves.

In fact, every single Disney movie ever made will apparently be available on Disney+. (Or so says Forbes.)

“The launch will be accompanied by the official opening of the famous ‘Disney vault’. 

“The service … is going to combine what we call library product, movies, and television, with a lot of original product as well, movies and television,” Disney chairman-CEO Iger said, Forbes reports.

“And at some point fairly soon after launch, it will house the entire Disney motion picture library.”

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What else will Disney+ include?

Disney+ is expected to come with Disney’s usual family friendly content, including content from Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar and National Geographic.

Disney has also acquired streaming platform Hulu and it’s expected to further incentive sign-ups – possibly with Hulu as an add-on to Disney+. That said it’s not clear what this will mean for Australians as we don’t have (legal) access to Hulu here.

All new movies from the Disney family will go from cinema release to Disney+ too.

Disney’s also started commissioning their own originals for Disney+.

Will it be available in Australia?

Last year The Conversation confirmed Disney was “set to launch its streaming service in 2019. Based on recent history, Australia will likely be first up when it goes global.”

This seems accurate because Netflix Australia began removing Disney content from their platform, we assume as part of the company’s new expansion to streaming.

How much will it cost?

Disney+ won’t have as much content available as Netflix, so it’s thought that it will be much cheaper than Netflix.

The actual subscription price has not yet been revealed, but we’re guessing this means it’ll be in line with something like Hayu which charges around $6 per month or possibly in the Stan realm ($10 a month).

What’s on the ‘Coming Soon’ list for Disney+?

According to CNet, the following are on the cards …

  • Captain Marvel and other Marvel films and content including a live-action Marvel series featuring Tom Hiddleston and a several other rumoured new Marvel series.
  • Star Wars Episode 9 and other Star Wars films/content including a new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a Star Wars Rogue One prequel TV series.
  • Toy Story 4 and other Pixar films/content including an animated Monsters Inc series.
  • Remakes of Lady and the Tramp, the Sword in the Stone, Three Men and a Baby.
  • A High School Musical series
  • And possibly a new Muppets series

When is it coming?

Disney+ is set to launch in late 2019. #GameChanger?

In the mean time there is still limited Disney content on Stan to make the most of for now.


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