Everyone’s favourite Australian couple are the new voices of Bluey!

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In breaking news, everyone’s favourite high profile Australian couple Zoë Foster Blake and Hamish Blake are set to pop up in the new season of Bluey!

Hooray for Zoë and Hamish!

“Author Zoë Foster Blake and comedian Hamish Blake will voice a variety of new characters in the latest season of Bluey – including two jack russell terriers whose puppy has attention deficit issues,” The Guardian confirms.

Families don’t have long to wait for the new adventures of their favourite pup. The second 52-episode season begins on ABCTV on 17 March.

“Foster Blake and Blake will play the Russells – the mother and father of a young puppy called Jack who ‘can’t sit still or remember anything’,” The Guardian report continues.

Guess who?!

The Bluey folk shared a clip teasing Zoë and Hamish’s new roles on Facebook yesterday.

“Do you know the husband* and wife duo who are voicing Jack’s parents in the new season of Bluey?” they captioned the clip. 

“I can’t wait to show my son he is ADHD, OCD and ODD he is going to love this he is 8 and loves watching with his little sister,” one Bluey fan posted under the short clip.

“My 6yo just said ‘he’s like me’ excitedly!!! Is someone cutting onions because I’m getting teary right now!?!? Bless!” another excited parent wrote.

BlueyZoe bluey

Hooray for the Russells!

“This is the best!! Thank you Bluey. I’m going to have two girls who feel very included and normalised thanks to this episode.. can’t wait,” mum Kelsey Parker wrote under the new Bluey teaser.

“Aw thank *you* Kelsey, it’s so great to hear this!” the Bluey folk replied. “We hope you and your girls enjoy the episode – and thank you for welcoming the heelers into your home.”

We can’t wait to welcome them into our homes either.

“Oh my gosh Jack is my son all over!! We are so excited. I gotta say, Hamish and Zoë would be winning some serious brownie points at home,” someone else pointed out.

Zoë, for one, is terribly excited about this exciting development too. She posted a series of stories pointing out that Bluey is the most watched program on ABCTV and noting that this was a LIFE highlight for both her and Hamish. We are NOT surprised!


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