Elisabeth Moss shares bonkers details about birth scene in The Handmaid’s Tale

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The Handmaid’s Tale’s Elisabeth Moss popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and she shared some pretty nuts details about the set-up for her character Offred’s naked birth scene in season 2 of the hit show.

Offred gives birth

Describing it as probably the worst scene she’s had to film on the show so far, Elisabeth said it all got very, very confusing, noisy … and messy.

Firstly, the kind people on set were heaping the sympathy on in a very OTT way. It was all a little too much for Elisabeth, she reveals.

“People kept asking me, ‘Are you okay?’ ‘This must be really hard for you!'”

“I was like … ‘You know I’m not really giving birth, right? Like I think this is really easier than actually giving birth!'”

A couple of babies

When Jimmy asked if they had a real baby on set, Elisabeth confirmed that they had more than one.

“We had a couple [of babies],” Elisabeth confirmed.

“There was one baby that, in order to get that post-birth look — the guck that comes on a baby — they put cream cheese and jelly on the baby.”

Turns out babies aren’t so much into being smeared with sandwich fillings. Who knew?! And that was the second big challenge with this scene.

“That baby was not having it,” Elisabeth told Jimmy, laughing at the memory. “Not having it.”

“First of all, it smelled, which is weird. The cream cheese and jelly was odd. And it hated it, so it was screaming so loud.”

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The muffin baby

The plot called for Elisabeth to give birth under difficult circumstances and all alone, but the very messy baby did not really care about her TV mum’s motivation.

“I was doing this really emotional scene; I’m like naming the baby after my mother,” Elisabeth recalls.

“It was all very emotional and this baby’s just screaming at the top of its lungs in my ear. And they’re so loud!”

“Because you made it into an English muffin,” Kimmel reasoned … and honestly he’s not wrong.

You can watch the interview below – this birth bit is right at the end.



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