9 children’s books to help teach kindness and empathy

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Navigating the toddler years can fill you with uncertainty as a parent. We all have a sense of responsibility to shape these little humans we created into kind and considerate people.

Before they become too exposed to the influences of the world, it makes sense to introduce ideas of empathy. But exactly where do we begin?

We have found some great books that may just help speak to children in a way they can understand.

Empathy may seem like a simple concept to teach but just try explaining to a two-year-old why it is important they develop an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

On a good day, when you see your child help another be included in a game, it’s easy to claim victory. They actually get it!!

But then on days when tantrums triumph and baby-made messes dominate, you start to question whether they actually do get this whole empathy thing.

Fear not, the repetition of reading is your friend! Over time it will help your child digest big lessons like kindness and hopefully help to shape them into better human beings.


Books great for encouraging children to see a new point-of-view

Just Because

Stand In My Shoes

Hey, Little Ant

Books showing the great impact kindness can have

The Invisible Boy

Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed

Those Shoes

Books that show friends can come in different shapes and sizes

Amos and Boris

Enemy Pie

The Sneetches

Understanding gratitude, kindness and mindfulness may take our children time but by modelling the behaviour ourselves and through books, they often begin to mimic it.


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