7 TV shows to binge-watch while breastfeeding

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If you want to change-up your breastfeeding schedule, spending part of the time gazing into your baby’s eyes and part of it staring at the screen, then we’ve got the scoop on some likely candidates in the telly-viewing department. #nojudgement.

The days are long, but the years are short. We get that. We truly do. But sometimes when you find yourself exhausted, starved of ‘me time’ or in an infinite cluster-feeding loop you need something fresh to focus on.

Here’s seven ways to do that!

1. The Crown

What better program to remind you of your own baby’s crowning triumph? #Yeowch The Crown not only follows The Royals behind the scenes, it shows us the ramifications of not being able to choose your family – and familial expectations. The Crown is a lush production that will have you rethinking your attitude to the monarchy (and wishing you had a weekender in Scotland.) Season 2 is on the way.

The Crown TV series

2. Glitch

Glitch is a wonderful Australian super-natural-y drama that features a gusty pregnant lady, a confusing bridge and assorted trouble-makers – and that’s just for starters. A stellar Australian cast makes this a must-watch and we can’t wait for Season 2 to land.

3. Santa Clarita Diet

Considered eating your own placenta? Perhaps you already did, even? You might feel some solidarity for Drew Barrymore’s organ eating antics. Admittedly this show is full of blood and ooze, but for those of us with small children this might be something we are already quite used to. It’s funny and entertaining and also… Drew.

4. Stranger Things

Joyce (Winona Ryder) in Stranger Things is every mum trying to look out for her kiddo. Joyce will go to the ends of the earth to make sure her son is safe and sound and that’s the kind of behaviour we want to mimic. Stranger Things has scary, supernatural themes, so if you’re feeling like the hyper-sensitive kind of  breastfeeding lady (and some of us are!), know that. Season 2 is on the way.


5. Outlander

Kilts, bannocks, lochs, oh my! Also Jamie. Outlander is a one of our very, very favourites. Not only is it full of scruffy lads and wayward hooligans, the locations and costumes are super-beautiful, too. There’s heaps of steamy bits, lots of adventure and a perfectly crafted story woven throughout. There are 3 seasons in the can. Season 4 is about to begin shooting in South Africa. (Warning: Outlander has some challenging baby-related scenes for mums – and is violent in parts.)


6. Designated Survivor

If anyone can save the US of A, Keifer Sutherland can, and to be honest there’s no way he could do a worse job than the current incumbent. When disaster strikes the US, Keifer Sutherland is assigned the task of running the country. It’s a slightly cliched, yet entertaining tale of spies, treason and survival. Season 2 is on the way.


7. The Returned

This addictive show will not only satisfy your taste for beautifully decorated homes and woodsy landscapes, it will have you wondering what the heck is even going on. This is a stimulating and possibly familiar challenge for those of us with postpartum brain. This show is based on a similarly titled excellent French series and is completely addictive and satisfyingly puzzling. (Warning: There are some violent scenes in The Returned, in case you are feeling sensitive to such things.)


You can watch all these shows via Netflix Australia. Many are available on iTunes, too.

What are you binge-watching, mamas?


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