16 books that are perfect for soon-to-be siblings

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It can be hard to explain the range of emotions you go through when you have a new baby on the way and an older child about to become a sibling for the first time.

First there is a sense of accomplishment at giving them a playmate and then there’s the mummy (and daddy) guilt knowing they will soon have to share your attention.

You begin to imagine the mix of excitement and jealousy you are about to bring into your home.

One way to prepare a child to become a big brother or sister is through books and we have found some great options.

Books are a great way to start any conversation with a child, creating an opportunity to address any concerns or questions they have.

There are many books that really speak to children, explaining how their world is about to change and reassuring them of their place.

There are also some great titles to consider when introducing books to baby.

Books to help answer their many questions

Books addressing changes after baby arrives

Books to read to baby

We would love to know what books you found useful when introducing a new baby to your little ones.


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