10 of the best headphones and earmuffs for on-the-go babies and kids

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As the holiday season rolls around families are very often pondering the best ways to make travel as seamless as possible and keep their kids entertained on the go.

Wired – or wireless – for sound

There is no doubt small screens are a brilliant part of this strategy and a great pair of appropriately sized and comfortable headphones are the perfect tablet partner.

SO what should you be looking for when you choose headphones or earmuffs for your little one? 

  • Volume limiting is a great feature because the maximum noise level recommended for little ears is between 70 and 85 decibels (dB).
  • It’s also important that noise leakage is minimised to prevent sound travelling to your child’s travel companions.
  • Avoid in-ear models as they can damage little ears.
  • Remember not to let kids wear headphones for hours on end as this too can damage their hearing.
  • It’s important to note that corded headphones are a safety risk for small children and must NEVER be used without supervision. Wireless headphones are a brilliant option for younger kids.

The best headphones and earmuffs for babies and kids

Kids' bunny headphones

1. Kids’ Bunny Headphones
$16.99 on Amazon

Features: These cute and comfy headband style character headphones are lightweight and feature removable speakers and is washable too.

Why people like them: “The headband is adjustable and soft and gentle on little ears, my kids do not like the earbuds on most portable headphones and these sit nicely they can be moved for better positioning if need be. The Velcro binding is also very good as I don’t have to keep trying to turn around and take them off and back again.”

Buddy headphones

2. Onanoff BuddyPhones Headphones for Kids
$60 on Amazon

Features: Wireless, volume can be limited to 75, 85 or 94 dB. Designed for kids. Foldable. 14-hour battery life. Optional cable for audio sharing.

Why people like them: “They STAY on his head. He wants to wear them, and doesn’t complain that he can’t hear. I love the variable volume modes, so we can increase it when we’re in a noisy situation, though we haven’t had to as much as I thought we would. The better fit helps block out some of the ambient noise.”

JLab Audio Buddies Kids Headphones

3. JLab Audio JBuddies KidVolume Limiting Headphones
$30 on Amazon

Features: Lifetime guarantee. Volume limiting. Cute colours. Lightweight and foldable. Sticker decorations and storage bag.

Why people like them: “We bought these headphones for our then two-year-old in April of 2015. I chose them because other reviewers touted their sturdiness and I wanted the limited volume for little ears. He picked up on the volume control almost immediately and loved the robot stickers.”

VCOM Kids Headphones

4. VCOM Kids Character Headphones
$25 on Amazon

Features: Compact. Lightweight. Cute designs. Bendable and adjustable.

Why people like them: “These headphones are a good size for my toddler and will fit her for a few years. Sound quality is pretty good. Only minor issue is one of the side covers on the ears comes off a little too easily and is then hard to put back on, but doesn’t affect the functionality.”

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children's/Kid's Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with SharePort

5. LilGadgets Untangled Wireless Headphones
$77 on Amazon

Features: Comfy and wireless. 12-hour battery life. 6 cute colours. Easy to clean. Option to use with cable. Volume limited. Share port connection so your child can listen along with a buddy or family member.

Why people like them: “Bottom line, just a really great pair of headphones. Of course I’m happy my daughter loves them and I think it’s great the company is consciously trying to do things on a technical side to protect our kids hearing as well.”

Shopkins Plush Kids Headphones/Headband for Audio/DVD/MP3/iPad

6. Shopkins Plush Kids Headphones
$30 on Amazon

Features: Adjustable. Features cute characters. Comfy.

Why people like them: ” Super soft, super cute. Retractable cord. Not bluetooth or wireless. Works and sounds great.”

Jvc Hakd5Y Tiny Phones Kids Stereo Headphones

7. JVC Hakd5Y Tiny Phones Kids Stereo Headphones
$45 on Amazon

Features: Cute colours. Wide headband for comfort. Come with stickers to decorate. Volume limiter. Comfy ear pads.

Why people like them: “Sturdy construction, great audio clarity, and the perfect amount of volume limiting. Has stood up to more than one temper tantrum involving throwing and hitting these headphones!”

Prince Goerge Banz Earmuffs_1-2

8. BANZ Earmuffs
$25 to $70 on Amazon or at Banz

Features: Cushioned for comfort. Come in a variety of colours and sizes. Lightweight. Protect little ears for potentially damaging noise.

Why people like them: “We’d surely be pegged for ‘parent fail’ blog photos if it weren’t for these. Front row of a dirt bike race? No problem! Redneck firework extravaganza? Get’r done! Late night camping trip with drunk friends? Put that baby in a tent and party. You deserve it. Snoozing babies not even phased. Lightweight and works like a charm! Fit fine at 3 mo is will growing with her.”

Mpow (2-Pack) Kids Headphones with 85dB Volume Limited Hearing Protection & Music Sharing Function

9. Mpow (2-Pack) Kids Headphones 
$98 on Amazon

Features: Volume limiting. Music sharing function. Cute design. Tangle-free cord.

Why people like them: “They’re nice looking and feel good, and they’re volume limiting like I wanted. The sound quality is lacking when compared to what I would buy for myself, but I think that’s pretty much expected at this price point and I imagine the volume limiting plays a part too. My young daughter is happy with them.”

BUENAVO Baby Earmuff Noise Reduction Comfortable Headband Noise Cancelling Headphone for Baby and Toddlers Outdoor Safety Hearing Protection

10. Buenavo Baby Earmuff 
$34 on Amazon

Features: Excellent noise reduction. Comfy headband. Perfect for little ones. Cute colours.

Why people like them: “My 4-month-old is noise sensitive and we attend a modern church with a loud band that includes drums so I wanted something to protect his little ears. These work great. I also took him to an outdoor restaurant with loud music and everyone stopped us to tell us how cute our baby looked and ask where to get them.”

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to headphones and earmuffs for kids, though. Just be sure to check the ones you decide on protect little ears as they do the job at hand.


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