Which of these weird Crocs would your kid most love you to wear at drop-off?

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Okay, look. One of the brilliant things about being a parent is that you can surprise/embarrass your child with your fashion choices in the very same way your parents did with you!

Not today Satan? Or yes, please?!

We thought we’d help you along in this important quest with a hot tip on some … well … hard to understand new styles from plastic clog-creator, Crocs.

If you thought Crocs had reached peak weird when Post Malone’s collaboration with them instantly sold out, you were very much mistaken.

Crocs have now pimped their slip-ons in some incredibly unexpected ways and it’ll either make you weep or hit “add to cart”. Or pass out. That could happen too.

That said, through the eyes of a child these Crocs might take on superpowers and actually be heartily admired for their innovation. Or your child might do this:

Okay whut?

Whichever it is, it’s very important to keep up with current events and these Crocs are not only current they are one heck of an event. Being fully abreast of them will mean no awkward pauses when your child points and asks “what even are those on that person’s feet, mama?”

Crocs X Beams

Footwear News broke this story in an article satisfyingly titled: “These Wacky Crocs Feature Fanny Packs Attached to the Shoes” and we’re so glad they did.

“The brand has teamed up with cult Japanese clothing line Beams on fanny pack-adorned footwear,” Footwear News tells us. “But the fanny pack Croc collab isn’t the only playful silhouette from the brands. Beams and Crocs have also teamed up on a visor-adorned style. The shoe resembles a traditional Crocs clog, with the twist coming in the form of a see-through visor attached to the toe.”

Crocs x Beams

Oh, praise be and thank you for the twist that nobody asked for, Crocs. Turning up at a school gate/daycare door near you v soon. Or not.

Apparently, they sell for around US$53, in case you care.


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