You’ll be delighted to hear you can dress your baby in llama shoes now

Freshly Picked Llama Llama moccs

Oh hurrah! Freshly Picked are always coming up with brilliant new designs to put on cute little feet and this upcoming llama-themed release is no exception.

Freshly Picked Llama Llama moccs

No Prob-llama!

Freshly Picked has long delighted us with some of the nicest baby shoes on the market. Think NASA-themed baby shoes, pet-themed baby shoes and Marvel-themed baby shoes … and that’s just for starters. Now there’s a whole new and equally gorgeous mini-range set to be released.

Llamas are the latest brilliant creature to get the Freshly Picked treatment and we’re ridiculously pleased with this cute development.

The llama range comes in three different styles – No Prob-llama, Llama Llama and Llamas On Your Toes. They retail for US$60 and are perfect for babies and toddlers alike.

These irresistible natural leather moccasins are crafted with lots of TLC. They feature elasticated openings to make them easy to take off – while keeping them firmly in place when your baby is wearing them (not kicked off somewhere down the dairy aisle of your local supermarket!)

Freshly Picked Llama Llama moccs

This ace crew have heaps of other really cute moccasins in various charming prints on the Freshly Picked site, too! There’s the all-new dinosaur and donut-themed moccs for your favourite baby. We love the more wintery shearling lined range for cosy-toed babies too. And there are Disney themed shoes too!

We were already huge fans, but this llama twist has tipped us into SUPER fan status!

 Freshly Picked Llama Llama moccs

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