This new range of clothing for kids with disabilities is a brilliant idea

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Retailer H&M has come up with a fun and functional fashion range for kids with disabilities or extra needs – and it’s the sort of thoughtful design we need much more of!

Easy dressing for cool kids

“After talking to parents and experts, we’ve developed an ‘easy dressing’ range for kids,” an H&M rep says, noting it’s “fun to wear plus the designs are the same as the standard range, so kids have the choice to wear the same cool clothes as their friends or siblings.”

But what makes this range special and is it really as helpful as it sounds? In answer to the first question, the designs hope to make kids with sensitivities or medical conditions feel more comfy and confident. And in answer to the second … absolutely!

H&M explains: “From baby wear that allows for a cast (for hip dysplasia) to tees and dresses with discreet pockets for feeding tubes, the range uses the softest materials, the fewest seams possible and hidden care labels so they don’t irritate sensitive skin.”

M&S easy dressing range

Clever and cute styles

These styles are cute and fashionable with a bunch of practical considerations built in. Think room for nappies, lots of velcro closures, soft fabrics and various openings to make putting them on and taking them off a little easier.

Test-driving the range with her children, one mum gave her verdict and it sounds like the ‘easy dressing’ range is as helpful as it seems. 

Emma says her son Edward – who uses a wheelchair – “has hemiplegia, which is cerebral palsy that affects his right side. He has limited control and movement in his arm and leg, and epilepsy.”

“The Velcro fastening down the back of the sweater and body warmer means I can easily get him ready to go out when he’s in his wheelchair. I haven’t seen anything else like this before – Edward loved how cool they looked.”

Scroll on to see some of our favourites from the range, and the awesome features they include. Or pop over to see the full range here.

 H&M Easy Dressing Jeggins

Roomy styles are easy to put on and take off …

H&M Easy Dressing Jeggins

Streamlined seams designed for comfort

 H&M easy dressing range

Back closures to make dressing a child in a wheelchair easier

H&M easy dressing range

Custom opening for feeding tube

H&M easy dressing range

Totally seamless socks to keep sensitive kids comfortable 

The range is priced from $7 to $50 and yes H&M does ship to Australia!

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