This cute nail scrubber keeps little mitts clean – without being scratchy

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No more tears when it comes time to scrub your little one’s nails because this clever nail scrubber is built for comfort. Praise be!


This beary cute nail scrubber brush is specially designed for kids. It looks extra-cute so they will actually want to use it and is made from BPA free material making it safe for toddlers and kids. 

Designed with a special bendable design that helps you clean cutely and thoroughly. The bear nail brush bristles are extra-soft making it a brilliant choice for precious little mitts.

Also? The bear’s ears are crafted so you can hang this bath time critter up to dry after each use. So helpful!

 Bear scrubbing brush

Is it as good as it seems?

So what do actual real-life parents think of this cute bear scrubbing brush? Turns out they … LOVE it!

“This little brush is excellent for digging out the playground grime from under my 2-year-old’s fingernails,” one mum wrote in her review of this cute product. “She can also use it herself. It’s a little soft, which means no ouches, but if it were firmer perhaps it would have cleaned better. In any case, I recommend it to all the other parents on the playground. Very happy with my purchase.”

“This lovely nail brush was exactly what I wanted,” another parent said. “Just soft enough for kids hand, my daughter loves it very much. Great value.”

“Love this cute little nail scrubber!” a happy customer declared. “My 2-year-old daughter loves to use it during bath time. Works well, soft bristles, cleans nails well.”

We. Are. Sold!

Bear scrubbing brush

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