New mums share their post-baby style tips – and it involves a lot of baby spew

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Fashion site The Iconic just published a story about “what new mums wear” – and the reaction to the piece on Facebook was pretty priceless.

What do new mums even wear?

The article was a response to Duchess Meghan’s first casual appearance with baby Archie. Meg was dressed in an oversized linen dress with gold rimmed Ray-Bans.

The story’s writer wondered what other new mums wore and asked the mums on The Iconic staff to fill her in.

Meghan Markle

Not gonna lie, the mums in question had some really great ideas:

“Exercise tights are so comfy and a nice big sweater or oversized tee with your maternity bra underneath is perfect,” The Iconic’s head of style, Nicole Adolphe suggested.

“I genuinely desired a classic mum robe and slippers to veg in,” head of fashion, Rachel Evans admitted.

“I lived for these soft cotton maternity bras too that I used to sleep in as well, they were like soft hugs for your boobs – amazing,” head of content and social, Fiona Murchison revealed.

But in typical internet style many people were not keen to read the article but were busting to weigh in.

(To be fair, some did look at the pictures though. They particularly took umbrage with the one below and also asserted that new mums don’t need coats. Which seems weird to us but there you go.)

The Iconic

Vintage mum bun + baby poop

People wanted to share their own post-baby wardrobe ideas and were frankly aghast that anyone could suggest wearing anything apart from a puked-on t-shirt and a hole-y pair of leggings.

“Hmm well I’m a second time mum (baby is 4 weeks old) and I’m sporting the latest dressing gown from target complete with baby poo and boob milk, some pyjama pants I bought probably 6 years ago and an old T-shirt,” one mum posted. #relatable

“Pretty sure my hair has been in the same bun since I gave birth and I’m wearing a sports headband to keep the fuzzies off my face,” another new mum commented. “Chuck in some nursing pads and a 3 week build up of tinted moisturiser and there you have it. My version of what new mums wear.”

We checked in with the mums in our lives to find out. ❤️

Posted by THE ICONIC on Saturday, 3 August 2019

“I’ve been wearing the same $10 leggings and the same $14 jumper for the past two months since giving birth,” someone else posted.

“My baby was born in the driest summer in Brisbane in 100 years,” another mum recalled. “Safe to say I mostly wore a pair of knickers and my own sweat for the three months straight.”

“Usually a combo of baby spit up, half the toddler’s lunch and previously-opaque-now-sheer leggings older than my children combined,” one mum chimed in.

I think we’ve all been there.


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