Does your baby need adorable pet-themed moccasins? The answer is “yes!”

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Let’s face it, there is something about teeny-tiny baby shoes that makes them ridiculously cute. Couple their miniature dimensions with adorable illustrations of our favourite pets and they are pretty much irresistible. As moccasin-making geniuses Freshly Picked prove with these shoes.

The littlest pet shoes

What’s the deal on these cute baby kicks? Well, you can choose from four different and ultra-cute styles – Puppy Play, Fat Cat, Hamster Hullabloo and Something Fishy

And honestly? These would make freaking excellent Christmas gifts if you’re keen to shake off the denial and venture into the shopping for Xmas thing. Why not wade on in?!

These pet themed baby moccasins by Freshly Picked retail for a tick over $80. They come in sizes to suit newborns through to preschoolers. But sadly not adults. Dang. Let’s take a peek anyway …

Freshly Picked pet themed baby shoes Freshly Picked pet themed baby shoes Freshly Picked pet themed baby shoes Freshly Picked pet themed baby shoes



Extra soft and cute to boot

Freshly Picked’s baby moccasins are made from squishy, natural leather and feature elasticised openings to ensure putting them on and taking them off is a breeze. The elastic also keeps these cute shoes exactly where you want them – on your baby’s feet and not halfway down the aisle of the supermarket!

The super soft soles mean they are perfectly comfy for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

Grab a pair or see more of the Freshly Picked range of baby kicks at their online store.

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