Real Housewife Krissy Marsh: Why saying you’re a crap mum isn’t funny

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It’s safe to say everyone has felt like a bad parent at some point or another.

You aren’t a crap mum

Whether it’s because you turned your head for a second and your child did a runner or because you’re making a joke about the terrible dinner you cooked last night – whatever the reason, you aren’t a bad parent.  

Real Housewife of Sydney Krissy Marsh recently appeared on The Parent Panel with host Shevonne Hunt and comedian Andrew Barnett. When the topic of being a ‘crap’ parent came up, she had some strong opinions about why mums should stop saying they’re bad parents – and she has a point.  

Listen to The Parent Panel:

“I’m a pretty amazing mum”

“Everyone wants to say that they’re a bad parent,” says Krissy. You’re not allowed to say you’re a great mum and I know I say that to my kids every day.”

And while Krissy, who has three children, says her life isn’t perfect, she knows she’s a great mum.

“I certainly don’t do everything for my kids and never have. You know I put a lot of responsibility on them. I don’t even know what day swimming is on for my daughter at school. I don’t know what day football’s on for my son.

“I’m not saying I live a perfect life and they’re perfect children, but I think I’m doing the best job I can and I’m a pretty amazing mum.”

“That’s life”

Krissy explains that your circumstances are going to change throughout your life and that can, and probably will, affect how you parent.

“You know, Nicco [Krissy’s son] said to me the other day, ‘Mummy used to cry a lot.’ You know, years ago when I was running my own business. I was so stressed; I was always under pressure.

“But I think at different times in your life, you’re not going to be as good as you might be at other times – but it doesn’t mean that you’re a crap mum because that’s life.”

So, repeat after Krissy: “I’m a pretty amazing mum.”


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