Phew. Duchess Meghan is finding her parent tribe. So we can all relax.

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It’s no secret that Duchess Meghan has been having a hard time lately. That video – sob.

But things might be about to get a little better for the new mum.

Here’s why.

Joining a playgroup

Recently, the Duchess revealed that she and Prince Harry have been taking six-month-old baby Archie to a playgroup.

I smiled when I read this, and I also let out a ‘phew’.

You see even before the Duchess candidly revealed the toll the nasty British press had taken on her, I was worried.

Very worried.

Duchess Meghan

I kept thinking back to being a brand new mum and how much I depended on my support network – my friends, family and mother’s group – to grow my mum-confidence. And I absolutely couldn’t handle being criticised. I was fragile. But here she was, living an ocean away from her mum and besties, with the harsh tabloid press constantly knocking her – which usually means just making stuff up to sell more trashy mags and newspapers. Sigh.

Back then I hoped, for her own sanity and enjoyment, that she and her wonderful hubby, would find their parenting tribe soon. Sure they would have had their existing British friends, but nothing beats bonding about the five-month sleep regression with another parent in exactly the same boat, because their baby is also the same age as yours.

And so I wondered if the Duchess might be permitted to join a mother’s group or playgroup and it seems, she is!

During an appearance at the WellChild Awards alongside Harry, Duchess Meghan spoke about how they had taken baby Archie to a playgroup. Yep. The Duke as well!

“It was a lot of fun. He loved it,” she said about Archie going to the group that meets near the couple’s Frogmore Cottage home in Windsor Castle.

A game changer

The revelation was a made a little over a month ago, and if The Royal parents and cute baby Archie have still been going along, that means some of those key parent friendships may be starting to form. Because let’s be honest, the first time you rock up to a new parent group feels a bit weird! But then before you know it, some tired mum is telling you she’s wearing her husband’s undies because the washing just hasn’t been done and her baby is super clingy right now.

I know as Royals their lives are very different to ours (I mean, duchess Meghan will never have to wear Harry’s undies!), but babies have a way of breaking down walls and bringing their mums and dads together.

“Clingy? Oh, same!” we nod.

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So I hope this is the start of a turning point for Meghan. I hope she is embraced by her parenting tribe. I hope she feels less alone and more supported as a new mum.

I hope she thrives.

Because she deserves to. Every new mum does.


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