New mums: 6 people who will be your BFFs in the sleep-deprived days ahead

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There’s no doubt that pregnancy hormones make most mums a little (or a lot!) crazy, particularly in those last gruelling weeks before your due date.

But before you give into the urge to snap at your partner when he leaves his towel on the bathroom floor or get shirty with your mother-in-law when she gives you MORE parenting advice, remember … these people will be your lifesavers in the chaotic, sleepless days and nights after you give birth. So it’s time to butter them up!

6 people you’ll be most grateful for in the first weeks (and months) with a newborn

1. Your parents and in-laws

In those early days post birth, you’ll likely be sore and stiff (especially if you’ve had a c-section). Having your mum and mother-in-law around to help you clean, move around or bath the baby can be an amazing advantage! Parents are also great first options for babysitting when you and your partner are ready for your first date night. Any excuse for more time with the grandbaby is a good one, right?

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2. Your husband or partner

Even though society still puts an emphasis on the role of the mother post-birth (she’s got the boobs, after all!), men and partners are still extremely capable parents. But many men lack confidence in their ability to be a good father, so it’s important to encourage them in the days leading up to birth. When the baby arrives, give them lots of opportunities to get hands-on, even if they’re not doing it the ‘right’ way (and there are so many right ways, so who cares really?)

3. The baby’s aunties and uncles

Need to pop down to the post office or chemist? These short little errands are the perfect time to call on the help of your siblings or sisters and brothers-in-law. If they’ve already got a few kids, asking them to add your baby into the mix for an hour shouldn’t be too big of an ask. And if they don’t have kids, it’s a gentle way to ease them into babysitting. Don’t throw them in the deep end or they won’t want to help again!

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4. Clucky friends without babies

Got a girlfriend who is clucky? Someone who’s been hugging your bump every time you meet up for coffee, and asking to help decorate your nursery? Give her lots of experience with newborns and invite her over to help in the days and weeks after you give birth. The best thing is that she loves babies so much, it’s like you’re doing her the favour, not the other way around!

5. Friends who became parents before you

Forget the baby books and mummy blogs and go straight to the source of all knowledge! Just one dinner with your parent friends, and you’ll have all the hacks you’ll need to make your first few months with your baby a heck of a lot easier. From recommending baby monitor apps for your smartphone (a lot cheaper than store-bought ones), to sleeping and settling tricks, from must-have nappy bag staples to solutions for public nappy explosions, your friends will know it all.

6. Kind strangers (usually grandmothers themselves)

Battling the crowds at the supermarket is nightmarish with a newborn, and you’ll need all the help you can get! When you’ve got a screaming baby in the pram and are trying to get your credit card out at the checkout, there is nothing quite as relieving as turning around to find the older lady in the line behind you making faces and smiling at your little one.

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