Mum-of-5 Tori Spelling posts an uplifting message after drama-filled fortnight

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Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling has been toughing it out over the last few weeks, but yesterday posted a message reassuring fans (and herself?) that everything was going to be okay.

Challenging times

Tori and husband Dean McDermott have been in the news, with outlets reporting several home visits from police, a series of apparent disputes between Tori and Dean — and asserting various things about Tori’s mental health.

We’re not keen to report unsubstantiated stories, but what is clear is that Tori, who is a devoted mum of five, is keen to push on and be the best mum and woman she can be.

Over the weekend Tori uploaded an image of a quote reading, “I’m strong. I’m amazing. I’m beautiful. I’m wonderful. I’m worthy. I’m loved. I’m brave. I’m sweet. I’m happy. I’m me.” Tori circled the words “I’m me” in red.

She was perhaps signalling to fans — and herself — that she’s doing her best.

Tori Spelling Instagram quote

“My best friend”

Tori also revealed on Instagram that she’s headed back to work, this time on a new series with Beverly Hills 90210 co-star Jennie Garth. She posted an image of herself on the CBS lot calling Jennie her partner in crime and reassuring followers she’d had a great day.

“#back2work great creative day yesterday with my #partnerincrime @jenniegarth #90210vibes #donnaandkellyforver #besties”

It’s not clear what the pair are working on together (Jennie’s latest TV appearance is in The Mick) but it is clear that the pair’s friendship is an enduring one.

“As my best friend my whole life, she completes me,” Tori told E! News last year. “She makes me a better person and I think together we compliment each other really well.”

“You are loved”

It seems that most of Tori’s social media updates are putting a very positive spin on what has obviously been a stressful few weeks (months … years, even?).

“Sushi date night with my kiddos. Including @missstellamcdermott Hattie Cat, Finn, and #BabyBeau tried his 1st sushi!! Our fave cuisine,” she posted after a night out with her gang on the weekend, keen to keep things upbeat.

Tori’s fans are well and truly behind the actor and reality star, sharing messages of comfort and support.

“I love how strong of a person you are,” one fan wrote. “You are inspiring! You are a great mom. Don’t ever forget you deserve the best. Treat yourself with love.”

“Hey, just wanted to remind you of how awesome you are and how much you are loved!!!!!” another posted.

Tori’s experience is a reminder that life, relationship and parenting challenges don’t discriminate. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, difficulties arise and can seem overwhelming at times — and the support of loved ones is vital.

Reaching out for help

If you’re finding your relationship, finances, life in general or role as a parent difficult, there are people who can help. Know that you are not alone and that lots of people find themselves feeling out of their depth and in need of assistance.

Beyond Blue can point you in the right direction, if you’d like to find out more about anxiety and/or depression — and their treatment. They also have a mental health checklist for new mums.

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