Mother knows breast – the stages your breasts go through during pregnancy and beyond

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Let’s face it – becoming a mum changes you. You discover just how unselfish you can be, what unconditional love actually feels like, and just how much you care about the texture of someone else’s poop.

But it also changes your body, including your breasts. Growing a human for nine months will do that and you can expect your breasts to radically change with each trimester (and the months after the birth).

From positively perky to deflated and droopy, tell us, did you experience any of these breast stages?

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Stage One – The Perky Pair

For many women, sore breasts is the first sign of pregnancy and you can expect your breasts to grow during the first trimester as they get ready for what’s to come. While the soreness can be uncomfortable, the perky fullness is a welcoming change for many women.

Stage Two – The Settle Down Stage

Around the second trimester your breasts should settle down for a few months as most growth now transitions to your stomach area (and possibly butt, thighs, ankles, face and elsewhere).

It’s recommended that expecting mothers make the change to a pregnancy bra at somewhere between three and four months along, so it’s best to book in a professional fitting at this time to ensure the right fit and support.

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Stage Three – The Return of the Radical Enhancement

You may notice your breasts return to the land of radical growth during the final weeks. Because of this quick growth you may also notice stretch marks, blue veins and milk leaking out of your nipples. All of this is normal and just means your breasts are doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

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Stage Four – The Milk Machines

Once you have bub, your breasts continue on their roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Maybe it was just me, but stage four was ridiculous. I’m talking swollen, veiny, rock hard and sore breasts for weeks as the milk came in and we got used to the supply and demand of breastfeeding.

While the support of a good bra can help, it can also hurt, especially if your bra is too small for your new milk producers. Underwire bras can also cause complications when breastfeeding, by putting too much direct pressure on your milk ducts, so look for differently constructed bras during this phase. Triumph’s Maternity range is entirely wire free, but still offers great support and comfort, both during and after pregnancy.

Engorgement doesn’t usually last long but it can be painful and quite confronting, especially if you’re not used to seeing your breasts so large!

Stage Five – The Post-feeding Pancakes

When it’s time to kiss your feeding journey goodbye, many women can also kiss the fullness of their breasts goodbye too. As the milk dries up, your breasts may decrease in size, drop, sag and turn into two flat pancakes. It can be disappointing (or you might be relieved!), but it happens to the best of us.

But did you know that there are bras specifically designed for women who have had children, such as Body Make-Up Magic Wire by Triumph? These bras have a soft touch, flexible wire that gives the support and shape of a traditional wire but with the comfort of a wire-free bra and a boost without the fake look.

Sure, your breasts may have taken a beating during the whole pregnancy, delivery and feeding stages. But I’m sure all mums would agree that the pain, stretch marks and droopiness are well worth the gain. Your breasts are made to feed and comfort your baby and every time you look down at your boobs, just remember they have done their job.

Give them the recognition, the support and the TLC they deserve with a bra that not only feels good but helps you look great! The designers at Triumph have developed a range of nursing bras to keep you comfortable while you look after your changing body.

So reward your breasts with a high quality bra designed to support them. And reward yourself with chocolate.

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