All the feels: 9 baby moments that will melt your heart

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We all know motherhood can be insanely hard yet there are also times when you feel like your heart might explode because it can’t possibly contain this much love.

So, in the face of those days when you feel the walls closing in on you, I want to remind you of these heart melting times. Here are nine that make the motherhood slog so worthwhile.

1. When you meet your greatest love

The moment you first cradle your newborn in your arms is the moment you realise your heart no longer belongs to you. That first surge of love was so enormous then and yet, now that you and your baby have bonded, it’s greater still. And the most amazing thing? It will keep growing. 

2. When he smells divine after a bath 

Not only does your bubba smell like the sweetest thing after his bath – having been pampered with all those baby bath products and all – he also looks like a little contented caterpillar in a cocoon in his towel. And to think he was grizzling about having a bath 10 minutes earlier?!    

Baby wrapped in towel

3. When he sleeps like an angel

You could have had a rotten morning with your overtired toddler who refuses to have a day sleep, and yet, when the sleep battle is finally won and you creep into his room to check on him, you can’t help but stop and take in the view. With his eyes closed and lashes fanning out, there lies your peacefully sleeping cherub and he’s never looked so beautiful.

4. When he plants a wet kiss on you 

You can’t help but forgive your little one’s tantrum over giving him the red cup instead of the blue one when he toddles over to you and plants a sloppy kiss on you. If he can say, “I love you mummy,” as well, then chances are you’re holding your heart, just to keep it in your chest.

5. When he sings 

Ah! Is there any more delightful sound than your little one singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in his tiny voice? When he starts to master the accompanying actions as well, the cuteness factor is dialled up even further.

The sweetest baby moments that will melt your heart every time

When your child hands you their first crumpled flower and you know you'll treasure it forever. <3 What moments have melted your heart?

Posted by Babyology on Monday, 16 October 2017

6. When he leaves you a keepsake

You may be digging through the contents of your handbag to find a pen, when you discover the rock your baby discovered at the park and decided he needed to keep. Even though you know it’s useless, you’ll put that rock back in your handbag rather than toss it outside.

7. When he achieves anything at all

Whether it’s braving the slippery dip he’s been too scared to go down until now, waving bye-bye or learning red from blue, every single one of our child’s tiny accomplishments makes our hearts swell with pride. 

8. When he shows genuine empathy 

We are so used to always wiping away their tears and kissing ‘owies’ that it comes as a pleasant surprise the first time your toddler wraps his squidgy little arms around you and asks if you’re sad when he sees you crying. Even if you are sad, chances are his thoughtful acknowledgement will leave you feel nothing but joy and love.  

9. When he picks you flowers

He may have just picked you a weed, but you’ll wear it behind your ear because it was given to you by your favourite little person in the world. 

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