6 simple ways to make your motherhood journey a whole lot easier

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Being a new mum can be incredibly exhausting and overwhelming, with constant challenges often clouding all the positives. Don’t worry we’re here to help! Here are six ways to help you make motherhood easier, healthier and all round more enjoyable.

1. Get more sleep

Sure it sounds easier said than done but this is a REALLY important one, because when we don’t have enough sleep everything is sooo much harder. And no one knows this more than a new mother! Make sure sleep becomes a priority and do whatever it takes to get more shut-eye – whether that’s doing shifts with your partner, getting a friend or family member to help out, ignoring chores and sleeping when the baby sleeps, or not staying up late watching Netflix.

2. Eat well and have a system

Mums are often so busy looking after their babies that they forget to look after themselves – leftover puree for lunch anyone? Just like sleep, good nutrition is so crucial for the wellbeing of new mothers. It helps them feel their best physically and mentally – especially those who are breastfeeding. So if anyone offers to make any meals for you, make sure you accept! If you can afford it, a meal delivery service is a great option too! Otherwise, be sure to work out a system for yourself so your kitchen time is more effective – such as buying food online, creating a weekly meal planner and cooking meals in bulk so there are extra portions to freeze.

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3. Make looking after baby simple and enjoyable

Parenthood sometimes feels like a minefield of new experiences and challenges that no amount of reading can prepare you for. Mums are juggling a million things on top of learning how to look after their baby, and often end up both doubting themselves and feeling guilty or panicked about ‘missing’ or ‘wishing away’ this precious time. It doesn’t have to be this hard though!
Sometimes all you need is a way to keep all your mental muddle in one place! There are plenty of apps out there these days for expecting and new mums that can help you feel more confident in what you’re doing by allowing you to stay on track with feeds, sleeps, medical details and more. Why not try out a free app like the TerryWhite Chemmart Baby Diaries? Simply download to your phone or tablet and away you go! This one also syncs to other devices so you can share photos and other info securely with family, friends or babysitters so you never miss a milestone or happy moment.

4. Don’t let chores beat you

When you’re a new mum it’s quite normal to not even know what day of the week it is, let alone whether you’ve paid that electricity bill. And even simple household chores can seem like endless mountains that you just don’t have time to climb. If this sounds like you, don’t panic. Decide what’s an acceptable level of domestic serenity for you and then try and stick to it. For example: having clean undies to wear and nappies for the baby are pretty crucial, daily mopped floors and three course dinners – meh, not so much.

5. Make time for exercise

Granted, this can be a tough one, but if you want to do your best as a mum you need to also feel your best. Exercise can help by not only keeping you in shape but also releasing those important happy endorphins. So try finding a gym that has a creche, hit the streets with the pram or do a workout video at home when bub’s asleep – whatever works for you, even if it’s only ten minutes a day.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Many new mums end up comparing themselves to other mothers which can lead to unwanted stress and anxiety – not good for them or their babies. Every child and mother is different, meaning everyone’s experience of motherhood is different too. So stop comparing and don’t sweat the small stuff – so what if your baby wasn’t sleeping through from six weeks or you haven’t washed your hair for a week? The important thing is to be kind to yourself and your baby. 

The washing can wait! You’ve got more important things to do – like enjoying your baby.

What are your tips for making motherhood easier and more enjoyable?

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