6 things to avoid with your post-baby pelvic floor (and 8 ways to firm it up!)

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A big baby, prolonged pushing during delivery and hormones are just some of the factors that conspire to soften or weaken your pelvic floor after you’ve had a baby …

Yes, you’ve got an adorable little human to snuggle, post-birth, but you should also know that the following activities may come with their own warm (and slightly soggy) feeling too. You’re welcome.

Here’s six things you might want to avoid if you’re inclined to let it go-oooo, postpartum.

1. Avoid jumping on a trampoline

This looks like a lot of fun, but take it from us, it’s very, very dangerous. Pants-peeing probability is a 9.5 according to The Pee Institute. Light bladder leakage is an understatement.

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2.  Avoid clumsily learning to ride a horse

You might not even realise this, but if you are learning to ride a horse you need to jolt up and down, in time with the horse’s movements, and every bump is a handy chance to pee your pants. 

3. Avoid appearing on The Ellen Show

Granted, you might win a car if you front up to The Ellen Show audience, but also imagine if you had to do this?!  We want to pee just watching this. Maybe it’s worth it to you for the car, but we’re not that kind of peeing-on-TV people.

4. Avoid sneezing, coughing, laughing, having a good time-ing

Sneezing, coughing, laughing heartily… all these responses/bodily functions can proffer an unwelcome surprise for the weak of pelvic regions. Stop doing them right now.

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5. Avoid jumping rope

No double-dutching for the post-kids pelvic floor but the good news is that you can turn the rope or chant nonsensical rhymes like a champ with zero leakage. Gee. Thanks.

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6. Avoid losing your keys in your bag at the front door after a long outing while your toddler screams

Take it from someone who has been in this situation. If you’ve got an angry toddler under one arm, seven bags of hard-won shopping balanced on the door step and your keys are hiding in the depths of your bag, something in your brain emits a signal that it’s time to let it go-oooo. Add to that the extra-large matcha latte you had when you were out and it might be time to call in the SES/grab a dinghy and some oars. The bathroom seems so close … and yet so far.

It is possible to reset your pelvic floor

If you’re feeling a little sad about the lack of gravity-defying stuff you get to do, rest assured that you will indeed bounce (pee-free) again. Some advice from your doctor and a set of exercises done consistently will set you in good stead to be boinging, bumping and bouncing in no time at all.

Other things that can keep your pelvic floor in tip-top shape include:

  1. Avoiding heavy lifting
  2. Keeping weight gain in check
  3. Walking regularly 
  4. Avoiding straining when you go to the toilet
  5. Avoiding coughing a lot (seriously – see your doctor if you have a persistent cough)
  6. Postpartum yoga – check with your doctor or midwife first, though
  7. Postpartum pilates – again, check in with your doctor or midwife before you commence any postpartum exercise program
  8. A pelvic floor exercise routine


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