10 exercise problems only mums will understand

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AdvertisementBreasts that leak, a bladder that lets you down midway through a run and a baby who falls asleep the moment you pull into the carpark. Welcome to exercising post-baby.

Getting motivated to keep up an exercise regime year round is hard for anyone. For a busy mum, it can be next to impossible. Why? Because parenting never quite goes to plan, even if you have every intention in the world of sticking to a workout routine.

Come and have a laugh at these exercise fails so many of us can relate to.

1. That time you took nine months off to have a baby and then got back into it.

And ended up out of breath by the third circuit, panting like you were back in the delivery room and displaying two massive wet patches on your shirt from engorged leaking breasts.

2. That time you wore your gym clothes all day… but failed to actually make it to the gym.

Life got in the way, okay. And then your neighbour came over with wine…

3. That time you dropped your child off at creche only to be called out of spin class 10 minutes later.

Your little one, who was perfectly healthy 15 minutes ago, suddenly developed green snot and a nasty cough.

4. That time you forgot to go to the toilet before going for a run…

And ended up with a wee problem.

5. That time you arrived at the gym with your workout bag…

Only to discover your child had pulled out your items and replaced them with his collection of superhero figurines, a plastic toy toaster, the spatula from the kitchen drawer, his toothbrush and a wooden block.

6. That time you drove halfway across town to meet a friend for a hike and your little one fell asleep two minutes before you arrived.

And back home you go.

7. That time you got up extra early to exercise before bub woke up.

And your little one, who normally sleeps in until 7am, started the day at 4:30am just to keep you company.

8. That time you tried to exercise at home.

And the kids assumed that your push-ups were an invitation to jump on your back and ride you around the house like a camel.

9. That time you thought it would make sense to go running with your kids…

And ended up crawling home carrying two kids and a bike while pushing an empty jogging pram.

10. That time you planned on working out after putting the baby to bed.

But she fell asleep in your arms. And it was a moment that you refused to interrupt.Sometimes life (and cuddles) just get in the way of maintaining an exercise regime!

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