Little boy’s scary experience is a must-read safety reminder for families

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Several coolers have been recalled by a US company after a child’s game of Hide and Seek went horribly wrong.

Hide-and-Seek gone wrong

The family now want to warn others of the dangers of coolers because it might not be something they’d considered before.

Young Nicholas Wanes was five years old when his misadventure began.

Surveillance video from his family home shows him climbing into the cooler where he happily stayed for a minute until the lid dropped and the latch secured itself.

“When it got locked, I was scared,” Nicholas told WSVN News. “Like, I thought I got locked in there forever. I didn’t notice that the lock closes automatically.”


“We had just come back from a day on the water, and we went into the house, unloaded everything. We left the cooler [outside] to dry,” Nicholas’ father Rob Wanes said. Next thing they heard a horrendous sound.

“It was an awful scream as if a child had fallen and gotten really hurt,” a now-relieved Rob explained.“He was right here in the cooler, curled up on his back, and he was screaming, crying. We yanked him out.”

“This muffled scream”

The family never expected to find their child in a cooler – and are no doubt glad he’s got a good set of lungs.

“We heard this muffled scream,” Nicholas’ mother Maria recalls. “We came running out, and you couldn’t tell where the scream was coming from. Finally, Rob turned and looked to the cooler, opened it up and he was in there.”


The company involved is Igloo and they have voluntarily recalled all of their coolers with latch locks.

It’s an excellent reminder that kids can secret themselves into the weirdest spots – and a reminder to check the coolers in your home to be sure that kids can’t get trapped in them.


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