We love this sweet ‘proud mum chat’ Kate had with a royal fan

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Kate’s opening up more and more about her youngest child, Prince Louis. We recently learned that he was crawling like a trouper and now it seems another milestone is not too far away.

“He wants to go walkies”

Kate (who is also mum to five-year-old Prince George and three-year-old Princess Charlotte) was visiting the Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre – wearing a Gucci blouse and high-waisted black pants no less.

Kate attended a couple of sessions aimed at strengthening bonds between parent and child and supporting young families.

“At the Centre, The Duchess joined parents and their children for ‘Together Time’, which provides space for parents to enjoy being with their babies or toddlers and includes singing, use of child-led play and interaction,” a Kensington Palace rep explained.  

“The session is designed to support parents’ ability to understand their child’s cues, feel more confident in their parenting and strengthen their relationship with their child.”

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As this played out, Kate got chatting to other mums. She spoke to the mother of a nine-month-old baby named Kameron who later recounted the conversation to assembled media – including People Magazine.

“She took one look at Kameron and said – ‘Oh, he wants to go walkies.’ Apparently her son is cruising, and she said she was running after him all the time,” baby Kam’s mum said.

“Bombing around”

Indeed he is. Kate confirmed to other parents at the centre that now ten-month-old Louis was on the move.

“Louis just wants to pull himself up all the time,” she reportedly said. “He has got these little walkers and is bombing around in them.”

Kate also met two sets of twins at this engagement, People Magazine reports.

Busy mum, Finesse, introduced her 23-month-old daughters Kamina and Kashay to the Duchess.

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“Double the trouble”

Finesse has two other children apart from her twins and Kate was keen to find out how the programs at this centre had helped her.

“I told her that I felt very isolated, and how much it had supported me,” Finesse told People. “It enabled me to meet other mums and twins, which has been incredibly helpful. In fact, I feel like I have got triplets given that I have a two-year-old as well. They are really little divas in the making!”

When Kate asked her what parenting multiples was like Finesse had a very clear and concise response.

“I told her, ‘double the trouble’,” Finesse said, explaining that Kate giggled at this summary. “She was just lovely, really down to earth. I never thought she would come down and sit with us, but she did.”

“She just wanted to chat about what it was like to be a mum. She said that we all had our ups and downs as parents, regardless of who we are.”


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