Kylie Jenner mum-shamed over video of baby Stormi

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Hot on the heels of a recent warning about the risks of using baby walkers comes footage of a KarJenner baby, toddling along in one of these dangerous contraptions.

They see me strollin’

Kylie Jenner’s baby is growing up super-fast. She’s now eight-months-old and increasingly more mobile, so much so that her mum’s keen to share her adorable progress.

This week on Instagram, Kylie uploaded some controversial footage of Stormi toddling along in a pink baby walker.

While it’s obvious that Kylie is super-proud her daughter’s on the move, research released two weeks ago categorically proves that walkers are bad for babies. 

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The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, “found that more than 230,000 children age 15 months or younger were treated in hospital emergency departments in the United States for infant walker-related injuries from 1990 through 2014,” CBS News reports.

Injuries are so common that experts recommend parents “not buy a baby walker for their child, and if they have one they should remove the wheels and dispose of it.” They tell us that one in ten baby walker injuries is a skull fracture.

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stormi on the go

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They hatin’

The walker footage has been reposted countless times on Instagram and people are worried about Stormi’s wellbeing. They’re obviously clued-in to the frequently published stories that say baby walkers are a no-go zone and the comments go a little something like this …

“Walker is not good for babies, please consult with a professional!”

“I don’t understand why they’re pushing babies to do something what they should learn by themselves.”

“Walkers aren’t good for their hips.”

“Yo that thing is dangerous for kids. Literally on the paper the hospital sends you home with it says to not use those.” 

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you are my happy place ?

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It’s not clear how Kylie’s responded to these warnings/commentary, and whether she’d been using the walker because she’d been unaware of its dangers. There’s so much to learn and take in when you’re a new mum, it’s possible that the walker’s safety risks just passed her by.

Here’s hoping Kylie took a peep into the comments of her Insta – and did a little more research/toy culling in the name of safety.


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