Grieving mum’s warning about potentially dangerous baby monitors

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Content note: This post discusses the accidental death of a child.  

A grieving mum says she is “living through hell” after a terrible accident saw her one-year-old baby girl Jessica become fatally tangled in the cord of a baby monitor.

A baby monitor warning

As an inquiry gets underway into this terrible accident, this poor family hope that anyone who uses a baby monitor will think carefully about where it’s positioned – even if it seems like their child can’t possibly reach it.

Jessica had been put down for one of her usual afternoon naps when her father Jason checked the monitor vision and realised the camera in her room had somehow shifted.

The camera was usually positioned on a shelf with the cord running down the back of the wall behind it.

When he went to check what was going on he discovered that Jessica had managed to grasp the lead connected to the monitor camera and had become tangled it in. She was unresponsive with the cord from a Motorola baby monitor wrapped around her neck.

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“Mrs Duggan, from Shipdham, Norfolk, called 999 while her husband Jason tried to resuscitate the child,” the BBC reports. “The ambulance and police service arrived within five minutes of being called.”

The little girl was rushed to hospital, but tragically she was unable to be revived. Jessica was the only child of Danielle and Jason Duggar.

Motorola baby monitor

Our thoughts are with Danielle and Jason as they navigate this terrible loss.


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