Gold Coast mum finds deadly snake wrapped around child’s Lego tower

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This is every parent’s worst nightmare. A Gold Coast mum was minding her own business Thursday morning when she found one of the world’s most deadly snakes wrapped around her child’s Lego set. Cue freak out.

Sneaky snakes at it again

Straya is sure having its snaky time in the sun (or should we say in the shadows?) at the moment. Earlier this week a slithery intruder was found in a child’s nursery on the Sunshine Coast (shudder), and now another EVEN MORE deadly slippery bugger was busted hanging around a cool Lego set on the Gold Coast. What in the name of Slytherin House is going on?!


“The blood drained from her face”

Initially the startled mum from Tallebudgera thought the snake was a common carpet python, but after calling in the local snake catching expert, Tony Harrison (aka complete bloody legend), he informed her it was in fact an eastern brown snake – the second deadliest snake in the world.

“She thought it was a carpet python because they are quite common out there but when I told her it was an eastern brown the blood drained out of her face,” said Tony to

Large male eastern brown from tallebudgeera terrorizing lego city

Posted by Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher on Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Slippery and dangerous

In our opinion this mum’s reaction to the reptile intruder deserves some kind of war hero medal. We would have been running for the hills, screaming all the way. While finding ANY snake in your house around your child’s things would be enough to soil the undies of even the bravest of parents, to then discover it’s actually one of the worst kinds – well goodbye sanity.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the eastern brown snake, they are apparently responsible for around 60 percent of all snake bite deaths and are the second most venomous snake in the world after the Taipan. 


Not usually into Lego 

According to snake catcher Tony, as told to “The eastern browns are fairly common [in the area] but you generally don’t see them wrapped around children’s toys.”

Well that’s comforting. NOT! We’re sure at least the townspeople of Lego city have packed up their bricks and gotten the hell out of there.

See ya snakey!

Thankfully, the naughty (and crazy deadly!) snake was caught and safely removed from this family’s home. They may never sleep peacefully again, or play with Lego, but at least it’s gone for now. Check out brave Tony in action in this video from his Facebook site catching the sneaky intruder.

Okay then, we’re off to check all the rooms in the house now. And let’s hope we don’t bring you a Taipan in the train set story next week!

How would you react if you do if you found a snake in your child’s toys?!



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