Snake enjoying the comfort of a baby’s nursery is all our nightmares come true

Snake in baby's bedroom

Straya. In the worst Where’s Wally-inspired game ever, a Queensland snake catcher posted his very own version of “find the snake” – and it involves a cot, a baby and a box of nappies. Shudder.

Not a good place to find a snake!A Little Mountain local was vacuuming his house today when he saw what he thought to…

Posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 on Sunday, 13 August 2017

“Not a good place to find a snake!”

Brave Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 snake catcher Max recounted the story on Facebook and shared the “spot the snake” game alongside the story, noting that as far as snake lairs/snake nests/snake gosh-darned-hell-holes go, this one was as upsetting as they come.

“A Little Mountain local was vacuuming his house today when he saw what he thought to be a young Brown Snake in the baby’s room! Keeping an eye on the snake he gave us a call and I rushed out. The culprit was actually a mildly venomous Yellow-faced Whipsnake. See if you can find him in this photo!” Max posted.

Sneaky snake-y

In a surprising suspension of judgement, commenters did not fixate on the interpretation of safe sleeping guidelines displayed in the photo.  Perhaps they realised that the snake was the unsafest nursery addition of all? They certainly were not backwards in coming forwards with their snake horror and disgust, as they searched for the sneaky snake in the pic.

“Not sure where it is but it’s already killed the poor old teddy on the right,” one said.

“*sobs quietly into pillow while trying to hold down the vomit in my mouth*” another emoted.

Internally screaming

Some even seem determined to pull up their carpet/possibly burn the whole house down:

“We’d never spot a snake on our black carpet…” a woman posted, tagging her partner as she mentally re-carpeted before our eyes.

But others controversially considered this (apparently mildly venomous snake) a lightweight.

“Can trump this – 4 1/2 years ago… Kawana forest… red belly black snake found in our 4 month old’s cot…. was a horrible experience,” a mother posted hauntingly.


(Spoiler: For those playing at home, the snake is between the Huggies box and the wall.)

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