“Enough is enough”: One mum’s unique approach to car safety that really worked

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Sick and tired of cars driving at dangerous speeds, a mum tells Netmums how she “finally snapped’’ – and by thinking outside the box, she succeeded in getting drivers to pay attention, slow down and stick to the speed limit.

A mother who refers to herself as Daffi explained that she lives in a village, split in half by a busy road and while it has a speed limit of 30mph, cars usually just fly through.

“Well, enough is enough,” she said. “One of our kids is going to get seriously hurt but these drivers are so selfish and seem to think the speed limit is put there for everyone else but them.”

Controversial yet effective

So with a couple of free hours on her hands, Daffi got to work and created “a bit of alternative signage’’, consisting of a smiling child holding up a sign saying, “Slow down dickhead.”

While this approach may have seemed controversial to some, it was also incredibly effective. “I swear it worked!!!’’ she said. “Cars were slowing down significantly.”

However, she did find it worrying that drivers would be more worried by the idea of a child swearing at them than the idea of killing a child with their reckless driving but at least it did the job.

“You are my hero”

Many readers congratulated the mum on her actions with comments such as, “Brilliant! This is the best post I’ve read all week!” and, “You are my hero. I don’t understand what is wrong with people.”

And others, while they appreciated the power of the sign and the success it achieved, felt perhaps another word would be better, particularly around impressionable children.

“Fab idea,” said one. “But I wouldn’t be too keen on primary age school kids seeing it and repeating it. I think you could have had the same effect if you’d put dumbo.”

Bad language

Another reader also loved the idea but felt the same way: “I agree with what someone else put though about changing the last word, kids shouldn’t repeat the ******** 🤣. Even if we all think they are *********”

Obviously, Daffi was at the end of her tether and had to do whatever it took to get the right reaction. And at the end of the day, when it comes down to our children’s safety, that’s what counts.

“It’s a small step and we’ll see how long it stays up there but who knows, it could slow someone down just enough to save a life,” she says. “Now, time for a glass of wine!”

Couldn’t agree more. A possible life saved is definitely a time to celebrate.


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