Dad-invented device that stops children being forgotten in cars now on sale

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Last year we told you about fellow dads Fadi Shamma and Jim Friedman’s brilliant device called the Sense a Life. Now we’ve got a fab update for those keen on hearing more about the invention that prevents ‘hot car’ injuries and fatalities in children.

Sense a Life, save a life

While many write off what’s known as “Forgotten Baby Syndrome” as bad parenting, it’s not.

Rather, these accidental cases of kids being left in cars actually stem from jumbled wiring in our brains, with different systems overriding each other and resulting in lapses where (often sleeping) children are sadly left strapped in car seats.

The dads’ brilliant invention aims to prevent this phenomenon and save lives. Hooray!

A smart reminder

The Sense a Life comprises two sensors – one that sits beside the child as they sit in their car seat, the other sits under the driver’s seat. These sensors work in conjunction with the Sense A Life smartphone app and it goes a little something like this …

  1. When the driver opens the car door, an audio prompt reminds them to remove their child from the back seat.
  2. If the child isn’t removed from their seat, an alert is then sent to the driver’s phone.
  3. If the child still remains in their seat, an alert is sent to the driver’s chosen emergency contact.

Sense a Life

Back then the device was only available for preorder at Fadi and Jim’s site, but the dads got in touch to let us know that it’s now ready to rumble and is currently shipping out.

The life-saving Sense A Life full kit is on sale for US$129 and you can buy extra units and sensors for well under US$100.

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