Parents are going nuts for this unusual Nurofen syringe hack

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Who doesn’t love a helpful hack when they’re going about their business? This one was shared on Facebook and perhaps it’s already part of your repertoire?

This thing is magic

“I just came across this. I haven’t needed to use it yet but thought it was pretty cool!” Facebook page Unmasked Hair & Beauty posted.

“If you have ever bought Nurofen for kids before, you would know it comes with this little thing to measure/administer the liquid (gold) medicine. And after reading this post you will be stuffing one into your first aid kit! Turns out they are MAGIC for removing splinters, tiny shards of glass, bee sting venom in a quick, non invasive, painless way.”

So how does said magic work? 

“Simply place the outer tube hole over the wound site (press firmly against skin) then pull the inside orange tube out really quick,” the original poster said. “The vacuum in the tube should extract the offending item.”

So useful!

While people loved and shared this post widely, others had even more ideas for this syringe and also some extra advice.

“I used this method on my 37yr old man child for a shard of glass in his foot,” one reader shared.

“They are great for sucking jam out of the jam jar and then insert into jam drop biscuits,” one genius suggested.

“Now I know why I’ve kept all 154 of them,” another mum quipped.

“Great for blackheads too,” someone else offered.

“Brilliant idea. Wonder if it would work for ticks too,” a commenter mused.

Yeah but no

But not everyone was happy about this post. Some thought it was a little ill-informed and simply not doable.

“Shouldn’t be using that with a bee sting. You are meant to brush those off, use a credit card for that, not the Nurofen stick,” one commenter pointed out helpfully.

“I’d have to literally sit on my kids to get that close to a splinter,” another parent wrote.

“Would have come in handy when said son put beads in ears and up nose,” one mum suggested.

We’d like to remind you not to stick anything in your child’s ears – please see a doctor if your child has anything stuck in their ears that can’t be easily removed.

Meanwhile, try your trusty Nurofen syringe next time your kiddo gets a splinter – you never know!


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