This clever device would like to unblock your baby’s snotty nose, please

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The good folk at Fridababy could not even handle the idea that babies were suffering through snotty noses. They invented a clever device to de-snot the tots!

We’re in the thick of the cold and flu season and if you’re a parent of a small baby, you may already have been battling through some sleepless nights with a snuffly baby. Luckily NoseFrida is here to save the day. It’s a state-of-the-art nose aspirator, invented and recommended by doctors. 

It’s made in Sweden and is the most hygienic, natural and safe way to bust boogers, cheer up a snotty baby and save your sleep.

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No more snuffles

So what do parents think if the disgusting-sounding FridaNose? And do parents get a mouthful of snot when they use it? Do babies really get some relief from stuffy noses with this product?

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“Hands down this is one of the best inventions for babies ever,” one mum posted. A friend had one on her baby registry years ago and I thought it sounded disgusting. I bought it and she showed me how it worked. In no way does the snot get anywhere near your mouth, ever.”

“It is extremely gentle on the baby’s nose, in fact, there is no way it even enters the baby’s nose. It just rests at the entrance of the nostril … It is super easy to clean and comes with disposable filters.”

FridaBaby FridaNose Aspirator

Snot free in seconds

The NoseFrida works infinitely better than a bulb nose aspirator, its fans – and honestly, there are thousands of them on Amazon – say.

“This works very effectively,” another mum promised. “It puts the good ol’ bulb aspirator to shame! See, the bulb aspirator limits each suction to the amount of air that can fit in the bulb. This bad boy gives as much suction as you can fit in your lungs which is highly effective on those over-stuffed noses.”

“To be honest, I was extremely hesitant to try the NoseFrida. I thought the entire concept was disgusting. But when I found myself with a stuffed up 3-week old infant, in a moment of weakness and pure desperation I was not only ordering the NoseFrida, but paying extra for overnight shipping. I’m so glad I did and so is baby. With a little bit of saline, it clears even the stuffiest of noses right up!!!”

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