The sneaky trick for getting babies to take medicine ALL parents need to know

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British mum and nurse Helena Lee was at her wit’s end, trying to get her baby to take his medicine. Then this ingeniously simple hack saved the day.

Success at last!

Helena didn’t actually invent this hack, per se, but she eventually remembered it when she was on the cusp of tearfully throwing in the towel.

You see, Helena’s baby boy, Alfie, kept spitting up his much-needed dose of pain-relieving Calpol. The remembered hack worked an absolute treat and Alfie was happily dosed up and feeling better in no time. As was Helena!

Buoyed by her success, she shared photographic evidence of her triumphant win on Facebook, so that other parents could dose their babies up – without all that wasted medicine. What. A. Champ!

FOR ALL MUMMIES…So for the last 24hours ive struggled to get alfie to take calpol, he has ended up covered in half of…

Posted by Helena Lee on Saturday, 14 October 2017

How to trick a baby

“For all mummies,” Helena wrote (and we just know she meant to add “daddies, carers and grandparents” too, but was busy doing victory laps around Alfie’s pain-free cuteness!).

“So for the last 24 hours I’ve struggled to get Alfie to take Calpol, he has ended up covered in half of it where he spits it at me … Then I remembered seeing this trick … Not 1 bit got wasted and no tears,” Helena posted.

She also uploaded a number of photographs, showing how she inserted the medicine-filled syringe snugly into her baby’s favourite bottle teat/nipple. She then popped the bottle nipple into Alfie’s mouth and… ta-dah!

Little Alfie simply sucked the medicine out and down, business as usual-style, before he realised something was awry! By then it was too late and he was suitably and excellently dosed-up!

Real-life win!

Other parents were delighted to see evidence of this Pinterest-famous hack working successfully in a real-life situation.

Helena was delighted that she was no longer covered in sticky medicine and nursing a miserable baby.

Mission well and truly accomplished!

Have you ever tried this hack? Or perhaps your baby won’t take a bottle and this is no gosh-darned use to you?!

Baby bottle medicine syringe hack for dosing babies


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