Carrie Bickmore and her son Ollie made an amazing cake together

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Carrie Bickmore is mum to eleven-year-old Ollie, four-year-old Evie and three-month-old Adelaide.

“Our best shot”

It was young Evie who, like so many children before her, spotted a cake that tickled her fancy and asked her mum to whip one up.

“Evie wanted a cake from the Coles Supermarket magazine for her birthday,” The Project co-anchor Carrie wrote on Instagram.

“So Ollie and I gave it our best shot making it. Not a bad re-creation. Even had rainbow cake in the middle. We are available for hire for any occasion,” she quipped.

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Carrie’s followers were inspired and excited by this very cheerful yet normal cake.

“Love this … no fancy schmancy wedding style kid cake. Just homemade with love like the good old days!!” one wrote.

“Awesome job!” another follower commented. “I love that Ollie helped too! Particularly like the swirly rainbow colours on the inside of yours!”

“The Women’s Weekly Birthday book was my best friend when my kids were young,” another fan reminisced.

Nailed it!

It’s not the first time Carrie’s got the Nailed It feels. When she was pregnant with  Addy she was quite obsessed with baking and whipped up a number of birthday cakes for a gob-smacked Ollie. #chortle

 “My name’s Carrie. And I can’t stop making and eating cake,” Carrie admitted back in September. “I’ve made three cakes in two weeks.”

This cake enthusiasm did not go unnoticed by Ollie who walked in on her licking batter from the mixing bowl yet again.

“On the weekend, it’s been Ollie’s birthday. I made a five-layered multi-coloured cake … Actually, it was three layers. I’ve realised it’s not even just the finished cake I like. It’s the batter,” she admitted.

“I leant over the sink … licking the bowl (of the third cake) and Ollie said ‘what are you making?’ and I said ‘a birthday cake’, and he said ‘I’ve already had one’ I said ‘you’ve had two and this is your third!'”


It’s not yet known if Evie will also be on the receiving end of three birthday cakes, but we are guessing she has her fingers and toes crossed!

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