Animal food creations your kids will eat up

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Some mums are masters in the kitchen. Others mums, like myself, are not. So when I stumble across a mum who can craft up delicious dishes that resemble animals of all shapes and sizes, it’s hard not to feel just a tad bit envious.

And hungry.

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Come and explore these clever culinary critters, made with love and designed to delight her little ones.

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Anne Widya is a mum of many talents. She is a self confessed foodie and uses her Instagram page to share her fantastic creations with her fans.

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Like those of many of our fantastic foodies, such as Lunchbox Dad, Pancake Wizard and Jacob’s Mum, Anne’s creations are almost too cute to eat.

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The mum, who lives in Hong Kong, first started testing out different recipes and showcasing her creations two years ago. She now has 6,000 followers from around the globe on Instagram.

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From spider bickies to basic brekkies, Anne delivers the goods. It’s amazing what one can do with a few cookie cutters, edible ink and a passion for food.

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animal food creations 6

She uses basic ingredients and makes simple meals, such as pancakes and muffins, but the end results are simply spectacular.

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The beauty of Anne’s recipes, however, is their simplicity. With the right tools, time and patience, many of her critters are easy to master. Hard boiled eggs can easily be transformed into little critters with a few slices of carrot and edible ink.

animal food creations 13

She even manages to find a way to make broccoli look good.

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And check out Anne’s blog to get the recipes shown here.

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