Easy back to school hairdos to stop you tearing out your own hair

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We’re well into the new year and now the focus has turned to back to school! Bags will soon be packed and socks pulled up as our little darlings skip off for a year of fun and learning. Uniforms can take the headache out of what to wear, but what about their hair? We’ve compiled a list of back to school hairstyles that are so easy, even dad can have a go and still get them to the school gate on time.

Rubber band piggy tails

This is a cute style that looks like you’ve spent a bit of time, but is really quick and easy. The bands help prevent tangles too! Learn how to master it at Girly Do Hairstyles.

school hair

Heidi braids with ribbon

You can get the how-to on Cup of Jo, but it’s really only long plaits with the ribbon braided through and then pinned up. Match the ribbon to your girl’s school uniform so she’ll feel like a princess on her first day!

school hair2

The subtle bow

It’s very quick to do and can be done by anyone capable of tying a shoelace! The bow transforms the half-up style, is pretty and simple and you can learn how fast it is by watching the tutorial at Latest Hairstyles.

school hair4

Side knots

Perfect for girls with shorter hair but still want some style, these simple side knots are good for younger girls too. Find out how to do it yourself at Girly Do Hairstyles.

school hair5

Twist and flip

This one is simply a matter of flipping the end of a low ponytail through a gap near the elastic  – the result is a gorgeous girly ponytail with a twist. Find out how at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

school hair6

Think this will give you some inspiration when your little schoolgirl says she is sick of the same old ponytail? We hope so. Don’t forget to check out Babyology’s very handy Back To School posts for other tips, tricks and must-haves so you’re fully prepared when that first bell rings for the school year.


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