Mums are sharing their favourite ‘sh*t dinners’ and we’re feeling less alone

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Perhaps you’ve been here? Dog tired, kid’s dinnertime has been and gone, you didn’t manage to eat and now you’re blinking starving? 

“The garlic bread is the spoon”

Well, the good folk of parenting forum Mumsnet share your pain and they’ve come to the table – quite literally – with some comforting “shit dinner” ideas.

It all started when one woman encouraged others to share their comforting favourites and before you know it the mayonnaise sandwich and baked bean chatter had reached fever pitch.

“Favourite shit dinners?” one mum asked. “I’m talking along the lines of beans on toast, egg in a mug, chicken nuggets and chips etc … Pure and utter comfort food for when you can’t be arsed cooking! Need ideas!”

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“Guilty pleasure!”

This call to action was heeded quickly as parents revealed their favourite things to eat in the dead of night when the kids are asleep (or even with the kids, sometimes!)

Some people craved veggies for their shit dinners …

“Cauliflower cheese bakes. Just on their own. Guilty pleasure!”

“Sometimes I make a batch of roast potatoes and have a plate of those on their own with gravy.”

Breakfast Food

“Loads of Lurpak”

Some people liked to open a tin or a jar …

“A tin of pink salmon, mashed potatoes with garden peas mashed in or boiled new potatoes and garden peas with loads of Lurpak.”

“Tin of Heinz Chicken soup + tin of sweet corn!”

“Tinned tomato soup with grated cheese and buttered white toast.”

Others were all about chips – both crispy and not …

“Pile of thick cut chips covered with a tin of spaghetti in tomato sauce. Carb heaven, complete comfort food!”

“Doritos, salsa from a jar, grated cheese. Microwave for 1 minute. Heaven!!”


“Can’t beat it!”

For some, only toast or sandwiches would do …

“Slightly burned bacon in a sandwich with loads of peanut butter. Can’t beat it!”

“Cheese on toast with a fried egg on top then covered in tinned tomatoes. Delicious!”

“Pizza toasties! Bread slathered in tomato paste, mozzarella cheese and generous basil. Toasted.”

And for one shit dinner expert, it was all about the delivery method …

“Frozen lasagne and garlic bread. Just that with no cutlery or anything- the garlic bread is the spoon.”

The garlic bread is the spoon. Let’s all learn from that.


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